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Minute of the regular meeting of the B.o.W Community Council held on Tuesday 6 September 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: S Clark, N Don, J Farquhar, N Ferguson, T Fulton, S Lafferty, S Liddell, H Martin, C McCulloch, Councillor James MacLaren.

Apologies: P Allan, M McClements, E O’Hare.

Visitors: PC K Walsh, PC B Kelly, M Barnes, S McArthur, P Devlin, B MacDougall. F Hewitt.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising. Meeting 7 June adopted by N Ferguson Seconded by C McCulloch. Special Meeting 5 July adopted by S Lafferty seconded by H Martin.

Police Report:

After a report at the June meeting of snares in the vicinity of the Primary School the Rural Officers checked the area and found no snares.
On a visit to the Primary School at the start of the new term Police Officers were disappointed to see abandoned cars left on verges and on the road side, the Police spoke to offenders and the School will letter parents and Guardians on this matter, the Police will monitor the situation.
A member raised the issue of cars parked on the pavement opposite the Cargill Hall during the Tuesday morning mother and toddler group session, the Police will speak to the mother and toddler group staff.
Another member raised the matter of a cyclist in his 20’s cycling on the Main Street pavement.
A member of the public asked if Crosslee Road had been monitored for speeding vehicles, the Police said they would look into this.

Crime Report;
Common Assault 2 1 x domestic 1 within house
House Breaking 2 2 x forced windows
Theft 1 1 x cash
Theft from Motor Vehicle 1 1 x door handles
Theft of Motor Vehicle 1 1 x van and high value tools
Fraud 2 1 x attempt 1 x embezzlement
Vandalism 8 Detected 1
Road Traffic Offences 2 Detected 2
Wilful Fireraising 1 Wheelie bins
Misuse of Drugs 4 Detected 3

Councillor’s Report: Cllr. Maclaren. Report circulated.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary due to recess at Renfrewshire Council there had not been much correspondence what had been received was circulated.
She reported she had received an email letter from Cllr McMillan, Leader of Renfrewshire Council on the decision to reverse the closure of the recycling facilities within the county. The letter was circulated to all members. The Chairman thanked the sub-group for their response.

Treasurer’s Report: Report circulated.

Planning Report:

The Planning convener reported he had addressed Renfrewshire Councils Planning and Property Policy Board on the Gladman Planning Application on Kilmacolm Road.
He also reported on the recent planning application for 49 housing units at Whitelint Gate, after a lengthy discussion in which members of the public questioned the legality of the application and the use of Renfrewshire Councils website giving misleading information. It was agreed the Community Council would object to the application and take on board some of the matters raised.
The Chairman thanked everyone who had delivered leaflets during the summer months.
There had been nothing further to report on the Bulls Garage site.

Fund Raising-Sub Committee Report:

Volunteers were sought for next Saturdays Craft Fair. (17th September).
The convener reported on the progress of the Ladeside Project, the initial survey had taken place and the cost would run into six figures. It was agreed the fund raising committee pursue this further.
Progress was being made regards potential grant applications for exercise equipment in the parks.

Roads and Ground Maintenance:

A member of the public had written to the Community Council regarding pedestrian safety at the Prieston Road junction and approaches. After discussion where we were reminded that the Community Council along with Renfrewshire Council on a number of occasions over the past years had tried to find a solution to this without success.
It was agreed Cllr MacLaren would set up a site visit with members of the Community Council, Roads and Police and the complainer would be invited to attend.
Houston Road Park Swings, members disapproved of Renfrewshire Councils reluctance to repair the swings on Houston Road Park. The Chairman agreed to look into this matter further.

Christmas Lights:

New lights will be purchased shortly and progress is ongoing with switch on arrangements.

Chairman’s Report – Virgin Media:

The Community Council hosted a meeting on behalf of Virgin Media to discuss their network expansion into Bridge of Weir. Virgin Media were represented by Kyle Dodds Virgin Media’s Community Liaison Officer and Martin Sutherland, Delivery and Compliance Engineer. Drew McNab, Transportation Manager Renfrewshire Council was also in attendance.
The works are due to start in mid September with the Lintwhite area being the first phase. Works are expected to be complete by March 2017.
The works will involve a narrow trench over the pavements and will have a 2 year warranty.
Concerns were raised that due to a considerable number of unadopted pavements and roads within the village some residents may miss out. Virgin has dedicated officers who will look into this.
Virgin have promised to keep disturbance to a minimum however if any resident or business experiences difficulties they should speak to the work gangs on site. They have a supervisor who will resolve any issues there and then.
If this route of escalation is unsuccessful or there is no visible work gang on your street then they advise you contact their help line on 0870 888 3116.
Virgin will be holding an open day for the public details to follow.

Forum / Lac:

Last week’s LAC was poorly attended with little discussion. The main concerns were youth disorder mainly in Linwood.
One of the current vandalism phases is setting light to wheelie bins, the culprits are unaware, due to the materials contained within the structure of the bins and the materials held within the bins, once alight leads to severe combustion, resulting in a fierce fire.

Renfrewshire Council budget has been reduced by 10% this year and the same again next year.
the variations in per capita funding from the Scottish Government is difficult to understand. Renfrewshire Council, with some of the most deprived areas receives less per capita than East Renfrewshire., which has some of the most affluent areas in Scotland. Community Councils and members could lobby their MSP’s for more equal funding.
Discussed was how decisions re LAC grants at present are decided funding and allocated by Councillors it was suggested community councils could look at the LAC budget, this could be allocated to Community Councils giving them a say in which are the more deserving associations in their area. It was suggested that Community councils could be able to apply for grants not available to the council. This would also meet the Scottish Government requirements to devolve decision making downwards.
Asset transfer, community councils could decide to bring back some unused council land to be used by the community, grants could be applied for this which are unavailable to the council.
Community Councils as a group or individually should contact the Scottish Government to stop fast food vans setting up next to schools.
The recycling amenity sites are being reviewed.
Paisley City Deal bid was discussed, no council resources had been used, however it was hoped that a Halo Effect could improve areas outside Paisley.
It was suggest that the Forum set-up four sub-groups to discuss council matters in depth.
The Chairman thanked Helen for her work and report.

Date and time of next meeting:

The Annual General Meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 4th October 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall. This will be followed by the regular meeting.

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