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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 4th September 2012 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: P Allan, S Clark, j Ellis, T Fulton, G Lethorn, S Liddell, H Martin, D McKenzie, E O’Hare, H Tidswell.

APOLOGIES: M Mills, G Svensson.

VISITORS: Cllr. M Brown, 2 Community PC’s, H McAleer, V Willis, (Loch Place).

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all in attendance.
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by T. Fulton and seconded by H. Martin.
There were no matters arising.

Police Report




Additional Notes

Assault - Common



Foster child & parent Breach of the peace

Criminal Justice & Licensing Act Sect 38









Theft XOLP (MV)



Theft X HB (other)



HB wi(other)



Malicious mischief



Minor RTA






It was brought to the attention of the Community Police Officers that there had been several instances of fire-raising in certain areas of the village. There was concern that both people and property had been put at risk particularly in the instance that the bins behind the shops at Livery Walk had been set alight.
There were also incidences of bins being set alight on Back Road towards Mimosa Road.
Reports of cars going through the traffic lights at Houston Road / Main Street while they were at red have also been made.
The meeting was informed although the Community Police were still working out of Linwood they were actually based at Johnstone Police Office. Unfortunately most of their time was now taken up by responding to calls in Johnstone by car and were unable to patrol Bridge of Weir by bicycle or walking. It was decided to invite the Divisional Inspector at Johnstone to our next meeting.

The Chairman then introduced Drew McNab from Renfrewshire Council, Planning and Transport Department to the meeting.
Mr McNab proceeded to give information on the various gullies in and around Bridge of Weir that had been cleaned.
Unfortunately e.g. those in front of Freeland Church could not be attended to due to parked vehicles. It is intended to clean these at a time when traffic is lighter such as during night time hours.
Statistics apparently show that Bridge of Weir has gullies cleaned twice as often as other areas in Renfrewshire.

When questioned about the traffic Calming Speed Sign  that had been placed at the Johnstone Road entrance to the village he explained that these were in great demand and therefore could only be in place for a short time. The benefit of these signs was that they recorded the speed of vehicles passing through giving a better understanding of traffic speed in general.

It was pointed out that the traffic calming on Kilmacolm Road leaving the village was not effective and the bollards in need of cleaning.

The new 40 mile per hour speed limit on Houston Road does not appear to be working and information on this will be passed on to the traffic police.

The proposed Park and Stride plan to help with parking problems at the primary school has been scrapped and a report with an alternative proposal will be sent to the Scrutiny and Petition Board.

Bollards are to be erected at the pedestrian bridge leading to Loch Road in the hope that they will dissuade motorists and motor- cyclists from attempting to cross it.
No progress has been made on the bridge on Main Street at the Clydesdale Bank. Sustrains would expect funding to come from Renfrewshire Council.

Resurfacing work will be carried out in various areas of the village and it is hoped to begin work on Horsewood Road in four weeks time, followed by Torr Road later on in the year weather permitting. There has also been micro surfacing done in some areas and it is hoped that it will be carried out in other areas within the near future.

Neva Place
– Negotiations have been going on with owners of the frontage in Neva Place and it is hoped that an agreement will be reached soon. Parking will then no longer be allowed on the pavement and a suitable area behind the shops has been identified for this. However the cost of this would not be met by Renfrewshire Council but by the owners but by the owners themselves.
Concern was voiced over the flooding in Houston Road at the area where the wall was repaired. The meeting was informed that cores were being removed from the wall to allow heavy rain water to escape. The gullies will also require cleaning twice a year and a regular check carried out.
A request for sandbags was made by a resident of Lintwhite Crescent in order to prevent garden chuckies being washed away due to the flooding caused when there is heavy rain and the gullies are not coping.

The Community Council agreed to the proposal that the Lade Walk become part of the Heritage Trail. Although residents in the area of the Lade Walk agreed they also felt that at present the path was not well maintained, was in fact dangerous in some places and that waiting possibly for some considerable time before the work was carried out was not such a good idea. It was explained that part of the difficulty in getting work and maintenance carried out was that it was hard to find out who actually owned it. It would also be interesting to find out how much support could be expected from local groups.

Councillor’s Report:

Just before the summer recess all three of the local councillors were invited to attend a meeting with Dawn Development. However all three refused to attend.
The area behind Killallen Avenue needs attention – not as Renfrewshire Council seemed to think to remove spoils of trees that had been cut down, but to repair the path which had been left with extremely deep ruts due to the heavy equipment that had been used to cut down the trees in the first place.

The Councillors attended the Local Area meeting where one of the items for discussion was ROAR (Reaching Older Adults in Renfrewshire) which has now ring fenced money, and this will be funded by the Social Work Department. This will free up funding to be used in other projects, possibly Older Peoples Health Group. There is to be a publicity campaign highlighting the facilities available. It was however pointed out that though the facilities were available transport to them was not.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary reported she had attended a Meeting of the Forum on 27 August. Discussion was around the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill. Recommendations made by the Forum were agreed by the Community Council.

Work had now been started on letters and arrangements for the Christmas lights switch-on.
Invitations had been received by the Sec. Chairman and Vice Chairman by Bridge of Weir Leather Company to attend a presentation of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade, although the Sec. would be away and unable to attend the Chairman and Vice Chairman would, and a letter to that effect was sent.

Treasurer’ Report – See attached sheet

As can be seen from the balance sheet the administrative expenses were higher than the administrative income. An attempt will be made to find any area where these expenses may be cut.

The Chairman and another member of the Community Council accompanied a representative of Renfrew Council on a ground maintenance walk. Moss Road Park, Houston Road Park, Livery Walk Gardens, the Glen were all inspected and details of work required noted.
It was also noted that the Christmas Lights had not been taken down from last year.

On being asked what the situation was on the replacement of goal posts in Moss Road Park the meeting was informed that although several letters had been sent regarding this matter there had been no replies.


Main Issue Report- The Local Plan will be presented mid-November with a six week consultation period to allow any comment to be put forward.

Christmas Lights Switch On:

This will take place on Wednesday 28 th November with the format being the same as in previous years.

Allotment Garden Society:

This group is at a very early stage and is finding it difficult to acquire land. Should a letter of support be required from the Community Council it will be provided.
Local Area Committee:

At the meeting there was a debate regarding the application for funding for hall lets as members did not consider the present criteria was appropriate. The intention is to clarify the criteria.

As noted in the Police Report it was decided to invite a Senior Police Officer as the guest speaker for the AGM on Tuesday 2 nd October.

The noise from other Cargill Hall users is not conducive with the Community Council Meetings and it was decided to approach the Bridge and find out if it could be a suitable alternative. If the decision is taken to use the Bridge members will be informed and appropriate notices of the change of venue will be displayed.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next meeting of the Community Council will be the Annual General Meeting followed by the regular meeting and will take place on Tuesday 2 nd October 2012 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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