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Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council
Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council
held on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 at 7pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: S Clark, T Fulton, M Mills, S Liddell, P Allan, J Farquhar, S Lafferty, G Lethorn, D McKenzie.

     E. O’Hare, Helen Martin. (LAC Meeting)

     Sergeant Steven Airlie, Cllr James MacLaren.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:-
In Councillors report “ A car had hit a lamp post on Mill of Gryffe Road” not Back Road as reported. The Secretary said this had already been changed in the minute.
Adoption of minute proposed by T. Fulton.  Seconded by M. Mills.

Police Report.

The guest speaker Inspector William Shields could not attend as he had been moved to another police area, but he was replaced by Sergeant Steven Airlie. Community Councillors had prepared questions In advance of the meeting.
Is there any particular reason for the lack of Police at our previous meetings?
The police do intend to have someone at every meeting but sometimes something more urgent comes up which must be attended to.
Sometimes there is a clash of meetings.
If Secretary e-mails the police office in advance of the meetings they will send out a report with the months statistics.
How closely do you work with the wardens?
Generally work closely with the wardens. There is a local authority liaison officer who gives information to the police every day. The police also liaise with the housing associations, social work etc.
Councillor MacLaren asked if there were any Neighbourhood Watch schemes in B.O.W. Sergeant Airlie did not know of any.

Can you confirm us of the number of fixed penalty tickets issued in our area?
This information is not electronically held at this time therefore he was not able to answer the question.
Members of the Community Council has been involved in various litter clean ups  What is disturbing is the amount collected at the entrances to the village clearly thrown from cars. Do your officers take any action on this?
Officers could and would act on this if they actually saw it happening. Wardens are also capable of dealing with this.
What are the policing priorities for Bridge of Weir and how do you intend to tackle them.
Priorities are:- drunk and disorderly, theft assault and violent crime speeding.
The police are pro-active by regular visits to licensed premises to ensure that they are not selling to anyone who is underage, or to anyone already intoxicated.
They regularly visit hot spots where teenagers congregate.
They regularly visit people out on bail.
Drug dealing – do searches of people who they suspect are drug dealing. Growing of Cannabis is on the increase, so they sometimes use the police helicopter with specialised equipment to detect heat sources which is often a sign of Cannabis growing.
Housebreaking and thefts. B.O.W. had four incidents in August. There has been the same kind of incidents in surrounding villages and the police feel they might all be connected.
What are the traffic division making of the speeding data provided by Renfrewshire Council?
The traffic department is fairly new, but more local officers are being trained with the speed guns. The police do carry out initiatives, and traffic enforcements are being highlighted at this time.
Councillor MacLaren  asked if volunteers could use a speed gun as has been done in some places in England. Sergeant Airlie had not heard of any instances in Scotland.
If any member of the council or public were aware of any traffic violations they could contact 101 and the police would attend.

Will we be seeing foot/cycle patrols in areas like the cycle track and parks?
Foot patrols are still used and are very valuable. Cycles are very valuable where youths are gathering as the police can approach quickly and before the group are aware of a police presence. Cycles are useful because they can cover distances quite quickly.
What can the police do to stop cars crossing a public pavement to park on private land?
Sergeant Airlie suggested that it should be passed back to council planning as there should be access to private parking. He did not appear to have a definitive answer about crossing the public pavement and the safety issue.
Councillor MacLaren asked about the vandalism at the viaduct. He was assured that local policing are giving attention to this, and the other acts of vandalism to bus shelters and the phone box which had taken place at the weekend, however unless they were seen the perpetrators are difficult to find.
Sandy Clark thanked Sergeant Airlie for attending.

Councillors Report.

1. Requests have come in for traffic calming on Lintwhite Crescent and Kilbarchan Road. Both are now on the Councils wish list.
2. Heritage Railway Association -  is up for discussion.
3. Donaldfield Residents Association. A number of local residents wish to form a group to get road issues sorted out in their area.
4. Johnstone Road. There is a number of outstanding issues with flooding. Flood signs have now been put up. There is also Japanese knotweed growing in the area.
5. Footpath and fencing not well built Residents are not happy and are seeking assistance from Planning department.
6. Network of Right of Way. Around Bridge of Weir walk would be a good start.
7. Road resurfacing. There are a large number on-going causing inevitable delays and road closures. These will be posted on Councillor MacLaren’s facebook.
8. Footpath maintenance in the Horsewood Road park. Waiting on an update.
9. Pothole watch. Nearest poster is in The Bridge.
10. Buses down to Moss Road. A number of smaller companies have been approached but there has been no replies yet.
11. Ranfurly Castle remains. We need to save what is left. The castle at Tarbert is an example of what can be done.
12. Locher Water viewing point. The trees to be cut back to open up the view.
13 LAC projects: need to get applications ready. Examples; Round B.O.W. walk, Planting trees in the Houston Road Park, Lade Walk, Resurfacing Mill O’ Gryffe Road.
14. Road Adoptions: Lomond Crescent and Thriplee Road
15. Recycling. The food recycling road show was in the car park on Saturday 1st September. It appears that not all parts of the village had the letter explaining about the food recycling.
16. Fly tipping at Lintwhite Crescent A letter has gone out to a number of residents. There has also been fly tipping on the public walkway at Freeland and in Loch Place.
17. Damage to the War Memorial still not tackled yet. Joe Walowski, who has since left, was putting in a bid to Renfrewshire Council to upgrade all war memorials. Councillor MacLaren will investigate.
18. There is an a continuing problem of dog fouling on the cycle path.

Secretary’s Report.

The Secretary reported her mailing list and consultations sent out to Community
Councillor’s over the summer recess.

Treasurers Report.

There was no report available.

Planning Report.

A Windfarm application from a neighbouring Authority had been received and an objection
has been sent..

Transport Report

Buses are all running unchanged at the moment. The Secretary  will e-mail the S.P.T in October.
Consultations. Developing Community resilience
Invite someone along to the A.G.M. or to another meeting.
Towards a litter free Scotland.
Councils  can set up covert camera’s to try and catch offenders.
Licensing Policy Board Statement on Licensing Policy and Scottish seas.
These have been noted.
Project Reports – Ladeside
No further progress has been made.
Ground Maintenance and Roads.
Re-surfacing at Houston Road, Main Street, Kilmacolm Road. There was no prior notification for residents of the village.
Councillor Holmes had been contacted about this he then contacted an engineer.
Buses there was no notification on the bus stops and people had to walk to Houston to get a bus to Glasgow.
If a shuttle bus had been put on it could have used the turning circle at the school.
Emergency vehicles had not been notified that the road was closed.
Christmas Lighting and Switch On.
There will be a meeting at a later date.
Forum /Local Area Committee.
The Forum agenda had been sent out to all Community Councillors, the Secretary asked if there were any questions arising from it. There were none.
The LAC was meeting tonight and H Martin was attending.


1. There is no litter collection in Loch Place.
2. Education committee papers. No changes at to any schools.
3. The Chairman asked if any members of the C.C. would consider a management position in LEAP. It meets about every six weeks. Anyone who would consider the position to e-mail him.
4. Recycle bins in the car park to be moved so that the British Legion can get their deliveries.
Date and Time of next meeting
The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting followed by the regular meeting and will take place on Tuesday 1st October at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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