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Scheme Report :

The first stage of consultation is now complete and we heard at the Forum of Community Councils only three Community Councils made a submission to the questions given to us from the co-ordinator Anne McNaughton.
The questions came after a seminar was held to discuss the document, Sandra Liddell and Sandra Lafferty attended on our behalf.
The seminar failed to cover the days agenda Sandra may comment on this later. So therefore to the questions.
The highlights of our response included;

No reduction in minimum numbers.
Agree to the withdrawal of membership after 6 failed regular meetings  missed consecutively, but would build in some flexibility for the Chair to have discretion in event of  unusual or difficult scenarios.
Nonattendance compiled by number of regular meetings missed consecutively.
Do not agree that long standing members should be treated any differently, the same rules should apply for all as we are all elected on the same basis.
The annual grant we receive should be increased to take into account costs of IT and Hall Lets especially as we have to maintain our IT equipment.
Increase each year should be based on inflation , the consumer price index, or the retail price index should be used.

The next stage will be a report before committee which will produce a document for consultation

Forum Report

I attended the last Forum meeting principally to back up our submission on the current consultation process regards the Scheme of Community Councils.
This item was lead by the community council Liaison Officer Anne McNaughton.
She informed us that only 3 Community Councils had responded to the consultation of which we were one.
Most of the item focused on that the forum had the opportunity to submit its own response.
She asked the Forum and Community Councils to give more information on the current usage of finances and do they meet the amount contained in the administrative allowance.
It was my intention to meet up with our Treasurer to forward the information required that shows that we overspend our approved list allowance each year.   However a few days later we received an email from Anne stating that this was not required as time had run out for her to submit a report to the Council’s Leading Group.
Sandra and I were concerned  that the work of our sub-group over the summer had been a waste of time, however Anne informed us that our submission will be considered in her report.
I was looking forward to the presentation from Erskine Community Council on the advantages of a Facebook page as a few of our members had mentioned this to me over the summer.  Unfortunately due to a mix up with dates the speaker was unable to attend.
His colleague gave a brief talk on Erskine’s  Facebook page, the positives are it reaches a large area including the younger age group and they take up to 4 items from the page onto the agenda for each meeting.

S. Clark

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