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Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 4th October 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, N Don, N Ferguson, T Fulton, S Lafferty, S Liddell, H Martin, M McClements, C McCulloch, Councillor M Brown, Councillor J MacLaren.

Apologies: J. Farquhar, E. O’Hare.

Visitors: 11 members of the public.

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

The minute was proposed by N. Ferguson, seconded by T. Fulton.

Police Report:

The Police were unable to attend but had sent a report. 10 crimes and 3 detected.
1 Theft by housebreaking 1 Attempted garden shed 1 Theft of cash and 1 Attempted bycycle.
1 Theft by shoplifting 1 Breach of the Peace, domestic /detected Vandalism 1 car paintwork / detected. 1 Road traffic offence, failed to report/detected 1 drink driving 1 dog bite.

Planning Report:

As the Chairman had declared a conflict of interest the Vice Chairman chaired this item.
Due to a planning application submitted to Renfrewshire Council for a block of 16 flats and 8 houses proposed at Old Ranfurly Golf Club and Lawmarnock Road a number of residents from this area attended the meeting. Anyone wishing to object to this proposal can do so on line or in writing, however it was pointed out that objections should be individual. It was further suggested that the group who were objecting could organise a leaflet drop.
After doing a number of recent leaflet drops the Community Council were not willing at this time to do another leaflet drop due to cost. The Community Council will be putting in its objections to the proposal.
Gladman’s application for 80 houses at Kilmacolm Road has been refused. This will probably go to appeal.
There is no further information on the 2 Whitelint Gate applications. The date for objections has been extended to the end of the month.
Clevan’s Road, the original planning application had been withdrawn but has now been resubmitted with some changes, the current date for objections 27/10/2016.

Councillor’s Report:

Councillor Brown;
Changes to Food Waste Collection will begin on 10th October. Householders will receive an information leaflet. Food bags can be replaced by tying bag onto handle of the Brown Bin
Mill Brae, the road is not adopted by council. The light which is out will be reported.
Houston Road Park. As it is a sufficiently well used park there is to be an injection of funds – ¼ million between 5 parks.
The Chairman along with Cllr Brown and a representative from TARA are to meet with Shona MacDougall, Director of Community Resources, Renfrewshire Council regarding Houston Road Park.
Cars are not permitted in the park since the drainage work was done.
The decision to close the recycling centres has been reversed.
Gulleys at Lintwhite Crescent require cleaning, the road was flooded for four days during one week.
Trees have self-seeded at seated area at the top of Lintwhite Crescent these are requiring attention.

Councillor MacLaren: Report Circulated.

Secretary’s Report:
All Correspondence received had been circulated.
Treasurer’s Report:
This has been circulated.

Fund Raising:
The Craft Fair was a successful day. The funds raise £269 22 after expenses. It has been suggested that this would perhaps be better held nearer to Christmas.
Exercise bikes, Items suitable for pensioners to youths would cost around £5.000
Ladeside Walk. The surveyors have been out to look at the work. There had been a suggestion to make it into a cycle track but it was advised that it would not be a suitable location.

Roads, Transport and Ground Maintenance:
Pedestrian safety at Prieston Road Junction and Approaches, Cllr. MacLaren, S.Clark and M. McClements had a meeting on site with Officers from Renfrewshire Council The problems are historic and very little can be done at this junction.
It was suggested a letter be written to St Machar’s Session Clerk asking the members attending church not to block the pavement.

Christmas Lights Switch On:
The switch on will take place on Monday 5th December.
The Advertiser has agreed to allow an extra feature on be erected on their wall.
A meeting to finalise arrangements for the switch on event will take place soon.

Conferences and Consultations:
Community Council Training Programme. S Clark attended the training programme which he thought was worthwhile and had given him the opportunity to speak with members from other Community Councils.
NHS Public Engagement Event: No one from Bridge of Weir Community Council attended this public event.

Communications: Website and Facebook.
Our Website has been getting updated, and all members e-mail addresses were on there. These have been removed and only the office bearers addresses are now shown.

Forum/LAC: Nothing to report.

The Secretary was asked about the Provost’s Award forms. They usually arrive around late October / November.
It was mentioned that a resident of the village would be 100 shortly, a member will find out exact date and the Secretary will arrange flowers and a card.
Cllr.MacLaren reported that some of the shopkeepers at Ranfurly Castle Terrace would like some Christmas Lights and were willing to try and fund raise for them.

Open Forum:
The next training course for Community Council’s is on 23rd October.

Time and Date of Next Meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 1st November at 7.00 pm in the Cargill Hall.

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