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Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council 
held on Tuesday 6th October at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall. 
 This meeting was held directly after the A.G.M.
Present: P Allan, S Clark, Natalie Don, J Farquhar, T Fulton, S Lafferty, S Liddell, H Martin, M McClements, C McCulloch, D McKenzie, E O’Hare

Apologies: G. Lethorn.

Visitors: Area Commander Simon Wright, Councillor James MacLaren.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
No matters arising. Minute approved by Helen Martin, seconded by Sandra Lafferty.

Police Report:
Eight crimes had been reported, five have been detected.
1 Common assault – detected, 1 theft, 1 robbery – detected, 1 attempted fraud, 1 RTA – detected, 1 MDA offence – detected, 1 dog bite, 1 carrying a knife – detected.
The murder enquiry is still live.
Biggest risk in Bridge of Weir is acquisitive crime – look after you property.
Commander Wright’s attention was drawn to concerns about vandalism to the co-op, and also to a number of planters which had been destroyed. It was also pointed out that a number of youths were regularly hanging about the co-op and could feel quite threatening later on at night.

Councillors Report:
Councillor MacLaren reported that;
Walls up the Glen require repairing – council flooding team will look into it.
Six Sycamore trees on Houston road needed to be removed. Others will be planted.
A large number of street lights are out and have been reported.
Japanese Knotweed has been treated. Council uses animal friendly weed killer.
Current flooding situation at Houston Road Park. The Land Services Manager has been contacted. It was agreed that whereas in the past, this area of the park would flood, but after a few days of dry weather it would drain away. This time however, in spite of the dry weather, it has not drained away. There appears to be another problem.
Re-surfacing of Kilgraston Road has been completed but there are 3 or 4 areas where the edges are unsafe. This has been reported it.
It was brought to Councillor MacLaren’s attention that the traffic calming on Kilmacolm Road was not working. The speed signs are visible but speeding still takes place. It was agreed to ask Renfrewshire Council to erect solar slow down signs at each entrance to the village.

Secretary’s Report: The Secretary had nothing further to add to her previous report at the AGM.

Treasurer’s Report: No change to the report for the A.G.M.

Planning Report There was nothing new to report..

Roads, Transport and Ground Maintenance:
Kerbing levels at Livery Road Car Park had been reported but Cllr.MacLaren but has heard nothing further.

Fund Raising - Sub Committee:
Antique Valuation Day, everything was in order.

Christmas lights Switch On confirmed for 3rd December.
A short meeting of the executive will take place on 23rd to decide on further lights.
As our Santa has been ill we would possibly have to look for another Santa for the switch-on.
The Chairman has spoken to the band.
The Secretary has the letters ready to go out when she returns from holiday.

Forum/ LAC: Nothing to Report.
The unsocial tenant at St Mungo’s Court has been moved on.
The Chairman reported that the Secretary receives invitations to attend a large number of Conferences, boards etc many of which are either too expensive or not suitable therefore has stopped sending these particular ones out.
Community Council - Fairer Scotland Event:
The conference was held on 16th September in the Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre Glasgow and asked the question what role Community Councils have in creating a fairer Scotland?
62 Community Councils were represented, and Marco Biagi opened the proceedings on the topic context for the fairer Scotland event. He said he will listen to our views and answer, if not today afterwards, our concerns.
He prioritised on Social Justice Opportunities, Growth for everyone. What matters most in shaping a better country? He was challenged if he genuinely believed in the development of Community Council’s as we had heard it all before twice in the last 5 years he stated he did and would listen to our views.
Mark McAlteer Deputy Chief Executive Improvement Service spoke on the future challenges and opportunities He referred to budget challenges youth involvement, getting involved in Community Empowerment and use of new technology.
The Scottish Government have introduced a Web page for Community Council’s and are holding learning workshops one of which the Vice-Chairman is attending.
John Wilby, Chairman of Paisley West and Central Community Council spoke on the role a Community Council can play in creating a fairer Scotland, being involved in Community Planning, leading local projects and members on various committees.
S. Clark recommended that his presentation would be worthwhile in the training programme for new Community Council members in Renfrewshire.
The workshops covered the issues that matter most to a Community Councillor What needs to be done to help Community Councils create a fairer Scotland and how can a Community Council play a role in helping to shape Scotland’s future.
The outcomes being listen too, consultation should be consultation not just put aside, better finance more decision making, less control from government and local authorities, take community councils out of local authority control, and be involved in the local planning process.
The questions put to the Minister and from the conference are to be answered and should appear on the website.

New members were asked to give the Secretary their e-mail address.

Open Forum:
The two new members, Natalie Don and Colin McCulloch were asked to introduce themselves and say a little bit about why they had decided to join the Community Council.

Date and time of Next Meeting:
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 3rd November at 700pm in the Cargill Hall.

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