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Bridge of Weir Community Council
Annual General Meeting
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 2nd October at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

- S. Clark, S. Liddell, J. Ellis, T. Fulton, G. Lethorn, H. Martin, D. McKenzie, M. Mills P. Allan,
N.  Johnstone, (Weir saving the Village) Councillors J. MacLaren, M. Holmes, M. Brown.

Apologies :
- E O’Hare.
The meeting was opened by Chairman, S. Clark who welcomed all in attendance.
Approval of the minute of the last meeting was proposed by D. McKenzie and seconded by T Fulton.

The Chairman then introduced Sergeant Lynne Canning who had been invited to talk to us as there were some concerns raised after the last ordinary meeting. The removal of the dedicated Community Police Officer and it was felt that Bridge of Weir was missing out.
Sergeant Canning stated that there were local changes taking place due to one Police Force covering Scotland. Local Officers were now reporting to Johnstone instead of Linwood where there will be two Supervisors, two Sergeants and they will be much more aware of where the response teams are required. The response teams are transferring to Paisley, and Linwood and Bridge of Weir will be in their patrol area. There will also be more vehicles available including unmarked police vehicles which can get much closer to offenders before they are aware of them.
Foot patrols and Cycle patrols are still available but these have been moved from Linwood to Johnstone.
There has been a reduction in overtime because of a change of shift pattern where two shifts overlap at the more crucial times, eg. 4.00pm  to 2.00am shift overlap with the 6.00pm  to 3.00am shift. The police are going to form an action plan for the cycle track.
The secretary is to e-mail any specific incidents to Sgt High and then police reporting to the Community Council and giving it more relevant information on the incidents.
Cllr.. MacLaren asked if the incident of vandalism at Bernie’s Café had been solved. Sergeant Canning said that Bernie’s would keep him updated.

This year has been a busy period for The Community Council.
A great deal of the Workload was highlighted within the February meeting the liveliest meeting I have chaired in a long time.
The controversial item was Renfrewshire Council’s decision to make Moss Road Park surplus to requirement to allow Dawn Developments to proceed with a Sainsbury’s store. Furious residents and local business representatives attended the meeting and made their feelings quite clear to Head of Planning Fraser Carlin and the Councillors in attendance, that this was not wanted.
I believe the Community Council's role in this matter was highly creditable in that we identified from a small section of a neighbouring Councillors report, in The Gryffe Advertizer that the Council had made the Park surplus to requirement.
Our three Councillors surprisingly had chosen to remain silent, but have since explained their reasoning.
The Community Council spread the word and it went through the village like a tornado.
We arranged for Dawn to attend two public meetings however they eventually declined to attend both.
We handed part of our March meeting over to the group that was to become Weir-Saving Our Village.
We heard only last weekend that they had achieved their Goal in that Council had reversed their original decision.
On behalf of the village I congratulate them on the excellent result.
On the same evening we heard that the Council was proposing a Park and Ride system for the Primary School using land at Houston Road Park for the drop off area.
The Community Council made a strong objection to this proposal and are delighted to hear that it has been successful.
That meeting was also informed that funding was available for improvements at Neva Place; and at  our last meeting heard that 65-75K must be used for this project within the current Financial Year.
It’s important for the village environment that these improvements transpire as was stated by Drew McNab, that in the Councils opinion this area is dangerous.

We heard a report that evening that after 5 years of campaigning the 40 mph speed restrictions on Houston Road is to be introduced and we've since made representation to the Traffic Police to see that this is adhered too.
Further on from the February meeting the ongoing problem of Parking at the Primary School was met by a proposal from the Council to restrict Parking on Kilallan Avenue and Woodside Road these proposals had a significant adverse effect on the residents, we once again strongly objected, however on this occasion we took time to submit to the Council our alternative.
We made a positive response to the Council's Main Issues Report, the  main areas highlighted were The Coal Yard, Ranfurly Golf Course, Maxwell Place, and Bull's Garage sites.
Indeed we were instrumental in bringing the proposal for the Ranfurly Golf Course to the attention of the residents on Donaldfield Road and Golf Course Road enabling them to lodge their objection on time.
Another ongoing issue is the poor condition of Livery Walk gardens we drew this to the attention of a Council Official whilst on a site visit, there has been no improvement and this is a matter we will pursue.   
Considerable time has been spent on identifying Gullies that required clearing throughout the village, thus to try and prevent flooding.
We requested the Warden Service to increase their Patrols within the Village and in particular be on the lookout for stray dogs and dog owners allowing their dogs to foul in public places.
I accompanied members of the Community Council to a meeting of the Allotments and Gardens Society and were encouraged in what we heard and have since offered our support.
In the coming year we start off on a new venture of seeing improvements to the Ladeside Path and a Heritage Trail in the locus.
On the Social front we held a new look fun day in conjunction with Freeland Church and assisted by Weir-Saving the Village this proved a tremendous success.
The Christmas Lights switch on was well received by all in attendance.
I was privileged in my capacity as Chairman to have been invited to be the Inspecting Officer at the Boy's Brigade Display.
All of the above could not have been fulfilled without the assistance of members may I at this stage mention Tom Fulton and Sandra Liddell who have been exceptionally helpful to me in keeping abreast of this year’s work load.
I now take this opportunity to thank all members of the Community Council for their support throughout the year I thank the Councillors and Police for their assistance, reports and attendance.

Treasurers Report
The Treasurer gave his report. An area of concern which was highlighted was that the Administration allowance from the Council was £589.00 but the actual cost of administration was £670. 63p. Are all C.C.’s paying out more in administration than they receive from Renfrewshire Council. The fixed cost for the www is the same regardless of the size of the Community Council. Cllr Holmes is to suggest to Council that everyone should have the same fixed costs and then reduce costs per head of population.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary reported that the workload had been heavy this year and sometimes she had not had replies from departments within the Council. She reported that through the Forum this was being addressed. She thanked the Chairman for his help in getting the letters and press reports together and out in time.  

Election of Office Bearers.

Chairperson  S. Clark. Proposed by T. Fulton. Seconded by M. Mills.
Vice – Chairperson T Fulton  Proposed by D. McKenzie     Seconded  by M. Mills
Secretary  S. Liddell Proposed by M. Mills  Seconded by H. Martin
Minute Secretary E. O’Hare Proposed by T. Fulton  Seconded by H. Martin
Treasurer   J. Ellis  Proposed by D. McKenzie Seconded by T. Fulton
Local area Committee representative H. Martin
Forum Representatives D. McKenzie and S. Liddell.

One member from the Weir Saving the Village  Group to be co-opted to attend Community Council meetings.
There being no further business the meeting closed.

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