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Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council

Minute of the regular meeting held on Tuesday 1st October at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, J Farquhar, T Fulton, S Lafferty, S Liddell, G Lethorn, H Martin, D McKenzie, M Mills.

Visitors: Cllr. J MacLaren, Cllr. M Brown, Sgt. Alan Mack, Mark Harris, Civil Emergencies Service, Renfrewshire Council, M McClements.

The meeting was opened by Chairman S Clark who welcomed all in attendance.

Minute of previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
The minute was approved by J. Farquhar, and seconded by M. Mills.
Noted: The Renfrewshire Council do not deal with Japanese Knotweed

Police Report:
The Police Report was given by Sergeant Alan Mack. There had been eleven crimes 5 of which had been detected.




Additional Notes

Dangerous dog



Person and dog bitten

House breaking with intent to steal



Post office, garden shed, Golf club



Window, car

Theft of vehicle


4 x 4

Wilful Fire raising


Partially constructed house

Road Traffic Offences



No Insurance, Disqualified driver

Drunk driving






Councillor’s Report:
McGill’s X7A – S.P.T. are looking at the situation, but it will be another week or so before they can see whether it fits the criteria or not.

The Chairman pointed out that it is  cheaper for people to drive to Linwood and get the bus from there.
Cllr. MacLaren stated that everyone should write to S.P.T. to stress how important this service is.

Cllr. Brown Report:
Many of the general public are NOT aware that the Council are not responsible for the bus services. Elderly people in the St Andrews Drive Area are being left marooned because it is too far to walk, particularly with shopping or heavy bags. It had been suggested that they could contact My Bus, however it needs to be booked two days in advance and takes a long time for anyone to answer. Information about My Bus has been put in the Library.

The pavement at Montrose Terrace will be temporarily repaired until the new financial year.

New Food Waste Collection is now in place. A householder who had had a bin delivered which was not required phoned up the Council to tell them and was told to take the new unused bin to the recycling unit.

Pow Burn near Amaretto’s – railings on the bridge fixed.

Gully at Manse Brae – something is blocking it further down. It will be repaired before the end of the financial year.

Lampost at Mill Brae – replacement is imminent. It was reported that fires are being lit at the viewing point.

Complaint about HGV vehicles coming through Kilbarchan to go to leather works, this could be due to Locher Road being closed for works.
Houston Road Park – litter bins due soon.

Cllr. MacLaren Report:

Road Report:
Johnstone Road; - Blocked gullies. Flood warning signs were still in place.
Japanese Knotweed: not being treated. Renfrewshire Council do not enforce the legislation around this due to it’s destructive nature. Scotland has strong legislation in place to control the immensity of the problem. Currently it is not an offence to have Japanese Knotweed growing on your land however under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004, Scottish National Heritage (SNH) can issue a management order with the aim to ensure appropriate action is taken to eliminate a threat to the interest on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Locher Road – burst sewer.  Continuation from flooding issue on the Johnstone Road.  How will the sewers cope if Shillingworth is developed.
Road closures for resurfacing: SPT being pressed for a response.
Speeding on Kilmacolm Rd:
Amaretto bollards: - Roads Dept. to inspect.
Damage to the viaduct On-going vandalism to stone work.  Local Community Policing teams are giving this extra attention.  
Freeland Residents Assocation have complained about footpath and fencing.
Footpath and fencing was not built well, the residents are not happy and are seeking assistance with the  repairs.
Ranfurly Castle remains.  The golf course has been contacted re:- permission to carry out work.
Food waste recycling has now been rolled out to all households and food waste bins should be presented weekly.
Gryffe Grove:- The fence at the river is to be made good.  The Chairman of the angling club is  looking for a gate.

My Bus Rural needs more publicity and / or better management.
McGill’s X7A – Future closure.  Both McGill’s and SPT have been contacted.  Residents should contact SPT and tell them how much they need this service.

Johnstone Road - Flood warning signs are still in place.
War Memorial: - Will enquire about the repair project.

Treasurer’s Report:
In the absence of the treasurer there was no report.

Secretary’s Report.
Glasgow Airport Flightpath magazines were available for anyone who wanted them.

Planning Report:

Project Report – Ladeside.
Waiting to hear from Renfrewshire Council.
Ground Maintenace and Roads.
No further news on the war memorial improvements.
Christmas Lights and Switch On.
This will be discussed at the re-convened meeting on 22nd October

Local Area Committee
H Martin  reported on the meeting she attended.
There had been a complaint that bus drivers are not stopping long enough sometimes to allow the passengers to sit down before moving off. S.P.T to look into it. M. Mills suggested reporting the driver to McGills.
There appears to be a problem with booking the halls 21 days notice is required but a month is preferred, it was felt that this is far too long if an emergency should arise.

Lochwinnoch Sign – everyone agreed that it was unnecessary and could actually be dangerous by causing accidents. D McKenzie will take a photograph to send to council.

M. Mills had attended the Social Work information day in Paisley Town hall, and had brought in a large selection of leaflets, which could be of great use to the elderly.
There has still been no litter pick up in Loch Place.

Date of next Meetings.

Re-convened AGM and Ordinary meeting will be held on Tuesday October 22nd  at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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