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Minute of the regular meeting of the B.o.W Community Council held on Tuesday 1st November 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, N Ferguson, T Fulton, S Liddell, H Martin, M McClements, C McCulloch,
E O’Hare, N Thomson, Councillor James MacLaren.

Apologies: N Don, S Lafferty.

Visitors: Sergeant P Moir, B MacDougall, I Steven.

Minutes of Previous Meeting , and Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising.
The Minute was approved by C McCulloch and seconded by T Fulton.

Police Report:

Sergeant Moir gave the report.
10 Offences and 4 Detections.
1 Common Assault 0 detection
2 Theft by house breaking 0 detection
1 Street Drinking 0 detection
1 RTA no insurance 1 detection
1 Drink Driving 1 detection
2 MDA offences 2 detections
1 Communications offences 0 detection
1 Attempted Extortion 0 detection.

The Sergeant was asked to check legislation concerning parking on pavements and obstruction, as there has been a lot of double parking due to Virgin Media works.

Councillor’s Report: Cllr MacLaren.

Due to IT issues the Councillor was now using a new phone and if anyone had previously emailed him and has not had a reply that is satisfactory, then please contact him again as he may be no longer have the email.

Planning Applications:

Whitelint Gate.
Additional information has been submitted in relation to the two applications that are currently being assessed. This is normal practice in processing a planning application and the documents presented are background / contextual reports that the applicants may want to be taken into consideration in the Officers assessment or in the determination of any Appeal to the Scottish Government that may follow a Refusal of Planning Permission.

In this respect, while the Reports relate to an area of land beyond the current application site, they do not in themselves amend the boundary or change the details of the applications. The planning applications will come before the Board on the 8th November.
Planning Application, Lawmarnock Road, 16/0669/PP
The Councillor has written to the Head of Planning requesting that this application be brought before the Board as approximately 160 letter of representation have been submitted.

The burst pipe on Lawmarnock Road now appears to have been repaired.

Feedback from Meeting
Planning Applications
Was asked how many letters of objection are required to move the application for it to be determined by the Board, has asked this question already and is waiting on the answer.
Weir/Archie’s pub application Number is 16/0707/PP. The application is still not available to view on the Web, will find out why it has not been posted online.

Secretary’s Report:
The Secretary read out her AGM report. Other matters will be covered elsewhere in Agenda items.

Treasurer’s Report:
J Farquhar our Treasurer unfortunately has had to resign. N Ferguson was nominated by M McClements and seconded by T Fulton and has agreed to take on the post of Treasurer.
It was highlighted that the funds for the Christmas light switch on were low.
We receive a grant from Renfrewshire Council for £749 plus 2p per head of population. This grant can only be used to administer the running of the Community Council.

Planning Report:
Lintwhite; A decision will be taken on 8th November. A planning assessment paper has now been added.
Lawmarnock Road; There has been a number of objections to this application, Our objections were based mainly on safety issues for pedestrians and impact of additional traffic.
Clevans Road; This application is still with Renfrewshire Council, it was reported that the clearing the ground was already started.
Houston Community Council had contacted us on the redevelopment of the derelict mill in Johnstone, Houston CC are lodging an objection to this and were looking to Bridge of Weir to do same. The general feeling was that we should not get involved in this as the building is now delisted.
Objections to new detention centre in Paisley. It was felt that objections had been taken from a political stance and we would not get involved.
A member of the public produced a report concerning the planning process and legislation at Shillingworth.
The Community Council agreed to write to Renfrewshire Council voicing concerns about self-policing by builders, and what measures are in place to ensure that the site plan is carried out as stated.

Christmas Light Switch On:
The new lights we ordered have now arrived from France. A delivery date to us will be soon.
Lights are already on the trees.
Publicity; Chairman and Secretary will look after this.
N Don, posters.
V-Chair, banner.
N Don has agreed to run the raffle. The Secretary will organise the Hamper.
Light Switch On will be on Monday 5th December and the Chairman has asked that the volunteers be at the British Legion for 4.30pm and Church at 5.00pm.
Catering: Due to new Health and Safety legislation there will be no hot food or sandwiches, but light refreshments will be served.

Roads, Transport and Ground Maintenance:
There is to be a meeting to hear the proposals for Houston Road Park.
The Chairman had written to the Session Clerk at St Machar’s Church concerning parking on pavements. He received a good response.
The light on Mill Brae has been replaced.

Fund Raising Sub Committee:
New Chairman is N Ferguson, who was proposed by T. Fulton and seconded by E. O’Hare.
The fund raising committee needs another body.
It was agreed to change the name from fund raising committee to Fund Raising Project.
Choosing of outdoor equipment was on track.

Conferences and Consultations:
There are two suggestions for the Provosts Awards;
Brighter Bridge of Weir for the Community Award and Gordon Anderson for the Community Volunteer.

Facebook / Webpage
N Don will continue with this.

Nothing to report.

Concerns were raised about the number of free standing signs and billboards on the pavements as dangerous for blind residents and people with mobility issues.
A question was asked if there had been any action taken about the Tanning Salon, the Chairman reminded the meeting that we had left this matter for Councillors and Officials to deal with.
Re-cycling centres are to re-open ahead of schedule on November 28th.

Date and Time of Next meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be take place on Tuesday 6th December at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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