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Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council

Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 5th November at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, J Farquhar, T Fulton, S Lafferty, G Lethorn, S Liddell, H Martin, M Mills.

Apologies: D. McKenzie.

Visitors:  Cllr. M Holmes, Cllr. J MacLaren, Sgt. S Twaddle K324, B MacDougall.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

Minute of the ordinary Meeting approved by M Mills,  Seconded by J Farquhar.

Minute of re-convened Meeting approved by T. Fulton,  Seconded by J. Farquhar.

Police Report:
Sergeant S Twaddle presented the Police Report. There had been 15 crimes reported 5 of which have been detected.




Additional notes

Culpable and reckless



Throw bricks/stones

House breaking with intent to steal




Attept o open a lockfast place with intent to steal



From vehice

Theft by house breaking



4x domestic, 1x business





Wilful fire raising



A brush outside premises

Road Traffic Offence



Communications Act 2003




C.J. and L Act 2010










Crimes listed under ‘other’ are of a nature that persons may be identified and this measure ensures anonymity.

Sergeant Twaddle emphasised that the police rely on information from the public and that the two numbers to call are 999 in an emergency, and 101 to report non-emergencies.
The public could also e-mail direct.
He also warned that there has been an increase in house breakings as there always is at this time of year and could be prevented by making sure that everything is securely locked and have everything as well lit as possible.

With regards to the parking at Neva Place and crossing a footpath – under Section 34 of the Road Traffic Act this is legal to gain access to private parking.
After some discussion as to whether the council should be asked to put up bollards it was decided to monitor the situation for the next few months before taking any further action.
Sergeant Twaddle also stated that he would be talking to his officers and ensuring that if they saw anyone parking on a pavement , which meant pedestrians were put at risk, they must take action.

Councillors Report:  
Cllr. Holmes.

The X7A has been reinstated on a temporary basis until the end of March. McGills have notified S.P.T. and timetables are now available. It was pointed out that the route had been changed and did not get passengers into the village or to Houston road to connect  with the X7.
This means that there will be a drop in numbers on the service, which is dependent for its survival on the numbers using the service.
There has to be more publicity about the bus service we have now.
De-regulated Bus services means that bus companies can chose the most profitable route.

The war Memorial will be restored by the War Memorial Trust in time for the centenary of start of the First World War next year.
Moss Road Park; The play area is to be fenced off. Several months ago the Community Council asked Environmental Services about a cycling proficiency area in Moss Road Park, apart from an acknowledgement and saying this was being passed on there has been no further communication from Renfrewshire Council. Cllr Holmes said he would follow this up.

Lights are out on the footpath and steps from Montrose Terrace to Prieston Road.
Light column in Mill of Gryffe Road has still not been replaced.

Johnstone Road, flood warning signs are to be removed.  

Road closures for resurfacing: SPT have responded.  Copy with the Chairman.

Speeding on Kilmacolm Rd: Chasing up the Police Report, and a speed trap has been requested.

Amaretto bollards,  This is private ground but the bollard has now been replaced.

Flooding, Flooding on the bridge over the river on the Main Street has been reported.
Street Lights, With the darker nights a large number of faulty street lights has become more obvious.  The Cllr. Has reported numerous recently, some in obscure places. You can send him the street and lamp post number (or house number that it is outside) as he is more than happy to report it.

White Lining, White lining has taken place at a number of junctions in the Donaldfield / Ranfurly area.

Neva Place, regarding vehicles crossing the public footway to park,  he advised that such a manoeuvre is illegal and if residents feel that it is a problem they should report each instance to the police.  If the police issue penalties for this offence then word would spread and the situation would probably resolve itself without the need to clutter up the village with additional bollards.
Damage to the viaduct, vandalism to the stone work.  It was suggested that a report should be sent to Sustrans.

Freeland Residents Assoc.  The footpath and fencing were not built well and residents are not happy about it and are seeking assistance with the repairs.  Planning Department is looking into this and reporting back.

Ranfurly Castle remains.
 The Golf Club has been contacted re permission to carry out work.

Buses SPT X7A: – This replaces McGill’s X7A although they are still operating the service.  The new service takes in St Andrews Drive and Lintwhite Crescent but only touches the Main Street before going to Johnstone Railway Station.  More info on Cllr. MacLaren’s Facebook page.  He has also suggested that it goes to Johnstone via Main Street and Houston.

The Carol Service, this is now publicised on the Freeland Church website and the new Freeland Church Facebook page.

War memorial, confirmation has been received that a grant award has now been made from Historic Scotland.  There is a requirement that Renfrewshire Council fund 25% of the cost. They have to reply to Historic Scotland confirming funding is available before proceeding.

Ladeside Walk, an update has been requested.

Horsewood Park,  and update has also been requested.

Ren Repairs App. This allows you to report on a number of issues including housing, roads and lighting, etc.  This has been found to have satisfactory ratings and the feedback from those of those who have used the service appears to be positive.

Secretary’s Report:
Due to the close proximity of the previous meeting there was nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report:
The new Treasurer has filled in all the mandatory forms for the bank, but has still not received a new cheque book.

Our Administration Grant of £634 has been received.

Planning Report:
The Weir Pub is to make some changes to the front and the rear of the premises, no objections.
Planning Permission for two houses at Gryffe Castle have been lodged. The Community Council wil object to this as it is within the Greenbelt.

The Chairman raised the issue of bus fares from Bridge of Weir. The fare to Glasgow from Bridge of Weir is £6.60p. The fare from Johnstone to Glasgow is £4.40p. It was felt that Bridge of Weir is treated unfairly in the  fares structure. Councillor Holmes to raise issue the matter.

Ladeside: Nothing to report.

Ground Maintenance and Roads:
Mimosa Road re-surfacing was reported not to have been done.
The flooding at Houston Road and at Gibb Stuarts, Cllr.Holmes to ask Renfrewshire Council to clear leaves from drains.

Christmas light Switch On:
This was fully covered at our previous meeting. The Chairman noted the excellent coverage in the Advertiser.  

Emergency Planning:
The plan sent to us was extremely comprehensive.

Shona McDougall, Environmental Services, will be the guest speaker at the Forum meeting to be held on Monday 18 November.

Questionnaire; Is there any value in LAC’s. H Martin to reply.

AOCB.  None

Date and time of of next Meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 3 rd December at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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