May 7th - Bridge of Weir Community Council

Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council


Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday the 7th May 2013 at 7pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P.Allan, S Clark, J.Ellis, J. Farquhar, S. Lafferty, G. Lethorn, S. Liddell, H. Martin,  D. McKenzie, M. Mills.

Apologies: E. O’Hare, T. Fulton.

Visitors: Cllr. MacLaren, B MacDougall, S. MacLennan.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
There were no matters arising.
Minute was proposed by Donald McKenzie, and seconded by Margaret Mills.

Police report: None.

Councillors Report: Cllr MacLaren.

Trees were cleared from Lade Walk and also from the area causing problems of flooding in Locher Road.
The Council are to clear the paths in the Glen Park.
Cllr. MacLaren had reported various pot holes. The one outside Gibb Stewarts is to have a temporary repair.
It was reported that Loch Place is adopted by the Council.
Temporary traffic calming have been erected at Torr Road and Kilmacolm Road.
Recycling – textiles and shoes are now not allowed to be put into the Blue bin, there are various other textile recycling bins within the village.
Renfrewshire Council is reviewing the sighting of litter bins in parks and Main Street. If a bin is required in a certain area, mark it on a map and Cllr MacLaren will pass it on.
Fly tipping on the riverbank behind Lintwhite Crescent. Householders have been spoken to and one house has already cleared it all up.
Suspected poachers have been seen at the Potts. If anyone suspects poachers, report them to John Blair, Chairman of the Angling Club as they have their own bailiffs.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary has been in communication with SPT and McGill’s regarding the withdrawal of the X6A, the service will continue.
A Copy of the Primary School Travel Plan had been received.
Copies of the Airport Flight Path Plan were handed out, this could possibly be a source of funding.
The Forum meeting is postponed until June.

Treasurers Report:

Planning Report:

Planning Application for the frontage at the Advertizer in Neva Place is with the Council.
Everyone had been e-mailed a copy of the Planning a National Framework.

Transport Report:The X6A bus is only running until October. The solution proposed by not suitable for Bridge of Weir. A shuttle bus for Bridge of Weir and Houston could mean long waits and sometimes the bus failing to turn up at all.
There is an anomaly in the Fare structure, where Bridge of Weir passengers have to pay more than other areas – this to be raised at the next LAC meeting.

Project Report:

Hydro Power. A few sites have been looked at, but at a meeting with LEAP they were greeted with some hostility by the Angling Club who stated that they owned the river. The Community Council will not consider hydro on the river. The Locher Dam could still be a possibility and a meeting has been set up with the leather works to investigate feasibility.

Village Clean Up:

The Community Council had been asked By Brighter Bridge of Weir to help with a clean-up of the village before Festival Week. This is being done with collaberation with Community Services. There has been a suggestion that they might continue with the upkeep. Community Services now have their own equipment and they also have weekend teams. The person in charge of Community Services Mike Connelly has been invited to attend the next meeting of the Community Council.

Ladeside Project:

Still awaiting ownership.

Ground Maintenance and Roads:

Traffic lights on Main Road / Houston Road  – modelling and time changes still have to be done.

Christmas Lights and Switch On:

The British Legion Club was not available for the preferred date of 27 th November,  it has been rearranged with them for Thursday 28 th November.

Local Area Commitee:

H Martin our representative on the LAC is to find out the allowances due to Community Councillors attending meetings, and to make sure that she claim’s what she is due.


A member asked Cllr.  MacLaren to raise the issue of the noise level at meetings in the Cargill Hall.  Zumba classes are on at the same time as Community Council meetings making it sometimes difficult to hear the business.

The Secretary has been asked to find out from other Community Councils. About lack of Police presence at meetings.  There has been no Police Report or presence at the last two Community Council meetings.

Date of the Next Meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday June 25 th at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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