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Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on 
Tuesday 5th May at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.
Present: P Allan, S Clark, J Farquhar, T Fulton, F Hewitt, S Lafferty, S Liddell, D McKenzie, M McClements, M Mills, E O’Hare.
Apologies: Gordon Lethorn, Helen Martin, Councillor J MacLaren.

Visitors: Area Commander Chief Inspector Simon Wright, B MacDougall, A Hewitt, L Ferguson, R Ferguson, D Tod, E Macnaughton, R Thomson, M MacDonald.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising.
No matters arising. The minute was approved by D McKenzie and seconded by M Mills.

Police Report:
Chief Inspector Simon Wright addressed the meeting. He stated that he wanted to ensure that the processes already in place are being adhered to. He emphasised that apart from a case of serious assault that took place on Saturday that Bridge of Weir was an extremely safe place. K Division stretches from Hillington to Lochwinnoch an extremely large area that the police are relying on the community to report any issues Recommendations to keep property safe, a leaflet on this has been issued and sent out to all members of the Community Council and it is also on the web page.
Structural changes are still being considered but whatever happens local policing will not be changing.
There were a total of 13 crimes 4 of which have been detected.
1 Serious Assault 0 Detected
1 Common Assault 0 Detected
1 Theft x Housebreaking 0 Detected
3 Housebreaking with Intent 0 Detected
1 Theft 0 Detected
2 Criminal Justice Act 2 detected
2 Vandalism 0 Detected
1 RTA Offences 1 Detected
1 MDA Offences 1 Detected

Councillor’s Report: Cllr. Holmes.
Councillor Holmes began his report by explaining that as he is a Renfrewshire Councillor he would be unable to comment on planning issues. A number of visitors attended meeting to make representation about the pre–application for the proposed Whitelint Gate development.
No action can be taken at the present moment. The applicant is required to hold a public consultation / exhibition within 2 months of lodging the pre application and must give 7 day’s notice of this in the press.
At the pre application meeting objections are not noted. Objections can only be made once the full application and plans are lodged with the planning department. Objections will only be noted if they are lodged individually. An objection with a list of names is considered as one objection. Objections have to be made within 21 days and must be made to Renfrewshire Council
Points to be noted about the pre-application:
It very rarely mirrors what the final plan looks like.
There has been a 10% expansion on open space and green belt from 2004, and is Contrary to the Local Plan.
There has still been no planning application for Bull’s garage site, however there has been a number of expressions of interest, but questions remain over the land ownership.
Livery Walk pavement is not on the priority footway network.
Additional bins have been put at the recycling site.
Engineers have been looking at Houston Road park in an attempt to solve the flooding problem.
Intermitant lights at Livery Walk, an engineer is looking into this, and lights in Broom Place lights are on 24/7.
Livery Walk Car Park to be brought up to standard.

Councillor MacLaren: Report circulated.

Secretary’s Report:
The Secretary reported she had received letter from neighbouring authority on the Corlic Hill Appeal, this is mentioned in the planning report.
Also consultations mentioned under separate item.

Treasurer’s Report: Report circulated prior to meeting.

The planning convener reported that the objection for a Wind Farm at Corlic Hill has now gone to appeal.
T Fulton and S Clark had attended the Democracy Conference. A common theme ran throughout the conference was that objections to planning applications were not being listened to by the authorities. Both had attended the workshop on challenging planning applications. They felt that they had picked up a lot of worthwhile information.

Roads, Transport and Ground Maintenance:
Village clean up will take place on Saturday and Sunday Morning and as many volunteers as possible would be appreciated.
There will be a further meeting with McGill’s Buses on Monday.

Fund Raising, Sub Committee Report:
No meeting this month.

Christmas Lights Switch On:
Nothing further to report.

New Scheme of Community Councils Implementation Meeting:
The meeting had not managed to cover the whole agenda, but elections for the new Community Council’s will take place in early September for them to be in place for the October AGM.

Invitations: Regeneration 2015, noted
Understanding Scotland’s Places – noted.

Forum / LAC:
Forum meeting has been postponed until 15 June.
LAC meets next month.

Allotments – suggestion for fencing off an area in Moss Road Park. A member suggested that they might be open to vandalism, unintentional or otherwise.

Open Forum:
Un-adopted pavements. The Council will only adopt them if they are up made up to a certain standard.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 2nd June at 7.00pm in the Cargill hall.

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