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Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council

Minute of the meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 3rd May 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, N Don, J Farquhar, S Lafferty, S Liddell, H Martin, M McClements, C McCulloch.

Apologies: S Clark, T Fulton, E O’Hare.

Visitors: Councillor M Brown, Councillor J MacLaren, PC J Deighan, PC G McBride, 25 Members of the Public.

In the absence of the both the Chairman and Vice-Chair the Secretary chaired the meeting assisted by the Treasurer.

The acting chair for the evening S Liddell, announced the death of one of our long serving members Gordon Lethorn, she said a few words about him and his time on the Community Council then announced his funeral arrangements. A minutes silence in his memory followed.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

Adoption of minute was proposed by S. Lafferty and Seconded by H. Martin

Police Report:

The police report was then given by Constable J. Deighan and Constable G. Mcbride.
9 Crimes had been reported and 4 Detected.
1 Common Assault 1 detected
1 Attempted Housebreaking 0 detected
2 Breach of the Peace 0 detected
2 vandalism 0 detected
2 Drink Driving 2 detected
1 MDA offences 1 detected.

Planning Report:

A rough draft of a letter to the Planning Department on the Community Council’s objections to the proposed Gladman Development was read out. A number of concerned residents attended the meeting. They were advised that they should get as many residents as possible to write individually to the council voicing their objections. They were further advised that petitions with however many signatures were not effective as this was counted as one objection. They were also advised, that the Councillor’s attending the Community Council meeting were not allowed to voice any opinion as this would prevent them from voting at the council’s planning meeting.
All written objections should be with the council NO LATER than May 14th. It was strongly felt that Green Belt should not be used for any development and there was not the infrastructure in place to cope with further development, also there may not be enough places left in our schools to cope with extra pupils.
General discussion took place on issues that were of concern, wildlife, roads, etc.
Concern was shown that some areas in the village knew nothing of this proposal and a perhaps a further leaflet drop would be helpful.

Councillors Report: Cllr Brown.

A number of choked gullies will be inspected and cleared.
Trees in Houston Road will be inspected and the sprouting branches at pavement level will be cut away so there is no obstruction on the pavements.
Broken Bollard at Mill of Gryffe Road will be fixed.
Personnel have been made aware of the matter of speeding bin lorries, and instructed to ensure speed limits are observed at all times. Council Vehicle Tracking software will be examined to see if a certain driver can be identified.
Mill of Gryffe Road cannot be adopted until it is at an acceptable standard.
Repairs to path on Lintwhite Crescent will be repaired as soon as possible.
Current issues of drainage in Moss Road Park will be monitored.
The council cannot consider the request for a sign ‘Unsuitable for H.G.V’s at Ranfurly Road as this is a public highway with no weight or height restrictions, it is also the most appropriate route for accessing this particular site. Council have arranged for the bin in Main Road to be emptied on a regular basis.
Council are continuing to recruit school crossing patrollers and hope to fill the current vacancy soon.
It is unlikely that Houston Road will be resurfaced in 2016/2017 but they will continue to monitor the state of the road and will ensure that it is kept safe.
There have been no further reports of anti- social behaviour at Mimosa Road.
Councillor Brown was asked to ensure that Houston Road Park will be completed satisfactorily in time for Gala Day.

Secretary’s Report:

An email has been received from Lochwinnoch Community Council including a copy of a letter to Cllr M MacMillan, Leader of Renfrewshire Council, at the community councils disappointment at how funding is allocated. Bridge of Weir Community Council decided we should write to Lochwinnoch with our support.

Treasurers Report: This has been circulated to all members.

Fund Raising Sub-Committee Report:

There had been a meeting with Engage Renfrewshire who are very supportive of the idea of the Heritage Walk and will be happy to give support and help with bids for grants It was suggested that someone from the Museum at Morrison’s in Johnstone could give a detailed history of the area.
Grant from LAC will be known later this month.
Sustrans had been contacted to find out if it there would be any possibility to put equipment on part of the cycle track. Some felt that it would be better and safer to put equipment in one of the parks.
Council would have to be contacted for help to installing this equipment.

Clydesdale Bank Closure:

The Secretary had written to the bank asking if it is possible to at least leave the ATM, no reply has been received yet.

Road, Transport and Ground Maintenance:

Bollards are to be installed in Livery Walk.
Car Park – edge of pavement requires to be painted as it is a trip hazard since it was resurfaced.
Re- aligning is required on Houston Road.
Kilgraston Road – repairs require to be carried out at the damaged section.

Christmas Lights Switch On:

No final decision on the date has been made.

Conferences and Consultations:

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer attended a Conference on Engaging with Renfrewshire Council, Residents and Members.

The Council has got a new website and all contacts can now be done by e-mail. The Council has introduced a scheme called My Account, where once registered you can access your Council Tax payments and other services of the Council


The website is up and running, and will be brought up to date once N Don gets a new laptop.


The next Forum meeting will be held on May 24th our Rep, will be on holiday.


A query was made as to whether Renfrewshire Council had a service to cut hedges. The Councillor will contact Care and Repair to see if there is a handyman service.
A question was asked about where the C.C. minutes could be found if one did not have e-mail. Renfrewshire Council puts a copy of the minutes into all the libraries.

Date of Next Meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday June 7th 2016 at 7pm in the Cargill Hall.

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