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Bridge of Weir Community Council
Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, N Ferguson, T Fulton, S Liddell, H Martin, C McCulloch, E O’Hare, N Thomson, Councillor J MacLaren
Apologies: Natalie Don, S Lafferty, M McClements.
Visitors: G Anderson, B MacDougall, J Fulton, S Knowles Quarriers.
Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising.
Minute approved by N. Ferguson and seconded by E O’Hare.
Police Report:

Police Inspector Cassie Glass gave the report.
There were 7 Crimes in total with 3 detections.

1 Common assault 1 detection
1 Theft by shop lifting 0 detection
1 Breach of the peace 0 detection
1 Misuse of Drugs 1 detection
2 Road Traffic Offences 1 detection
1 Attempted Extortion (cybercrime) 0 detection

PI Glass informed the meeting that there is going to be a change in the shift patterns of Community Officers this would mean that we will see more of the Officers on the beat. There will also be more speed checks and parking issues.
Members of the public should phone in about any cars causing obstructions. Police are looking at new efficiencies using technology.
There has been concerns raised over the new street lighting which leaves dark areas in between the lights, however the Police get better CCTV images with this lighting.
The Quarry Street Police Office will be closed with the new Police Office located in Johnstone Town Hall. There is a night shift on duty there, but no Community Officers are on night shift.
There has been a motion to Council to make the whole of Houston a 20mph.
Susan Knowles, Volunteer Development Officer from Quarriers Charity addressed the meeting. It is the head office for Adults with learning difficulties and she was looking for volunteers in all areas of their work. She was also seeking out any advice on how she could advertise the need for volunteers.
It was agreed that she would draw up something that the community council could put on the Webpage or Facebook.

Councillors Report: Cllr. J MacLaren
Roads; Potholes, a number have been reported. Johnstone Road, Warlock Road at junction with Woodside Avenue and Houston Road, these are just a few.
Clevans Road; The road near South Barnbeth Farm has been dug up for some time and there are still potholes on the verges. The Councillor will ensure that the road is repaired once Scottish Water has finished their work.
Mill of Gryffe Road, leaflets have been sent to local residents seeking suggestions on the best way forward for them to get this road repaired.
40mph Repeater Signs for Houston Road; have now been fitted.
Road Drainage, there is a site visit arranged to inspect some of the blocked drains on the Main Street.
Street Lighting:
Missing Lampposts, The Councillor is looking at a number of missing lampposts in and around the village, these should be replaced once the new LED lanterns have been fitted.

Virgin Media Cable Installation;
The expansion of the Fibre Broadband Services Network being installed in some areas has stalled. Virgin has received permission to do their work in all of the adopted pavements but they are unable to do anything where the pavements are unadopted Virgin has sent letters to the properties associated with these unadopted pavements but only in a very sporadic way. Ranfurly Place and Watt Road have been missed. There seems to have been no correspondence to advise the residents there that the High-Speed Broadband will not reach their properties. Other streets may be affected. This is being pursued with Virgin Media to find a resolution.

Planning Applications Items coming before the Planning Board on 14/3/17
Cala Homes West Ltd: Golf Course Road. The recommendation is to Grant.

Scottish Ambulance Service:
Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) are vital pieces of equipment in the crucial early minutes following a cardiac arrest. The Scottish Ambulance Service now has a dedicated registration website and are appealing to local communities to ensure that they know where this equipment is. Bridge of Weir has a defibrillator in the Co-op supermarket. Their website is

Locher Road & A761 - Litter
It has been arranged to have rubbish removed from the mound and bus stop, and litter picked up at the pavement around this junction.
Feedback from Meeting:
Virgin Media:
There seems to be a variation on the quality of workmanship across the village. Some trenches being cut are narrow while others can be 12” or wider.

Dead Tree at Auchencloich Road; this has been reported and will soon be inspected with a view to having it removed.

Councillor MacLaren’s Surgery:
The April surgery has been cancelled due to the school holiday and refurbishment of the Cargill Hall.
Secretary’s Report:
All Consultation documents have been circulated.
Another letter received from Renfrewshire Council stating that they are unwilling to change their decision on extending the 30mph speed limit at St Mary’s Church.
A reply to a letter we sent to Renfrewshire Council in December regarding billboards causing obstruction on pavements the Council don’t see a problem.
A member of the public has contacted us about the dog fouling at Gryffe Castle and on the cycle track.
Treasurers Report: Circulated prior to the meeting.
Chairman and Vice-Chairman will attend the PAS seminar on the Scottish Government planning consultation prior to making a response on behalf of the Community Council.
Local Development Plan - Main Issues Consultation: Members should send any input they may wish to be taken into consideration to the Community Council planning convener within the next three weeks to allow him time to collate ideas and make a formal response on this.
The proposal to build 14 flats and 8 detached houses on land at Old Ranfurly Golf Club adjacent to Lawmarnock Road will go before the Planning Board on the 14th March. The recommendation is to grant.
The process for the planning appeals in relation to Whitelint Gate and Land to North of Kilmacolm Road will be set out later this month. The actual hearing is likely to be scheduled for late May.
Roads, Transport and Maintenance:
The Forum has discussed 20mph speed limits in Renfrewshire, Houston Community Council made contact looking for support for this. After much discussion it was agreed that we would wait further research before we made any decision.
X7 will cease going to Johnstone from April 3rd. Thirty minute service is changing to a forty minute service.
Fund Raising:
The quotation for Public Liability Insurance is same as last year, and has been renewed.
Craft Fair: This will be held in September and will be the main fund raising event during the year.
The outdoor exercise equipment is still going forward.
Enquiries are to be made if any updates about Bull’s Garage site.
The deadline for Grant Applications to the LAC is 17 March.
Conferences and Consultations:
These have all been circulated. There is to be a Funding Fair in Linwood.

Communications, Website / Facebook:
The webmaster is standing down due to other commitments. Facebook will continue as before.
Gazette; Due to the Gazette not publishing the Down Your Way column any longer the Secretary has been asked by the paper to send the minute of the meeting for them to extract parts of it for publication, She informed them that as this was an unapproved minute was unwilling to do so. She agreed to send our normal press report and see what they will do with that.
Christmas Lights:

Businesses at Ranfurly Castle Terrace have expressed interest in putting up Christmas lights. It was felt that if they wished to do so they could make their own arrangements.
The Chairman has spoken to John Wallace at Renfrewshire Council regarding the lights not being on between Christmas and New Year.
In future we will get a named person to contact if there are any problems.

Forum / LAC:

Forum; There had been a presentation on the ten year plan.


A visitor to the meeting G Anderson announced that he had been given a Provosts Award for the voluntary work he has done around the village.
Date and Time of Next Meeting:
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday 4th April at 7.00pm in St Machar’s Ranfurly Church.

Please note that the May and June meetings will be held in the Primary School.

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