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Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held 
on Tuesday 3rd March at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, J Farquhar, T Fulton, F Hewitt, S Lafferty, G Lethorn, S Liddell, H Martin,

Apologies: D McKenzie, M McClements, E O’Hare.

Visitors: PI C Glass, Cllr. J MacLaren, B MacDougall, C Gilzean, I Satterthwaite, R Cotter.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

Sub-Committee Report last sentence of Paragraph should read; Letters will be sent to some of the larger companies looking for sponsorship.
Minute approved by S Lafferty, Seconded by T Fulton.

Police Report: Police Inspector Cassie Glass:

In total there were 5 crimes with 2 being detected.
1 Theft by House Breaking – 0 detected 1 theft by shoplifting – 0 detected
1 Criminal Justice – 0 detected 1 MDA offences – 1 detected
1 Dangerous Dogs Act - 1 detected.
Attention was drawn to joy riders in Ranfurly Park, and along the cycle track.
Rural Watch Scheme will be in place by the end of the month.
The new Police Office for community officers will be based at Johnstone Town Hall.

Councillor Reports: Cllr. MacLaren

Houston Rd / Kilmacolm Rd junction, following a site visit by an engineer the junction is now running more freely with less build up through the village
Street Lights:
Livery Walk: The floodlights are damaged beyond repair. Alternative lighting will be considered for this location.

Road Closure:
Houston Road, Inchinnan, from Barnsford Road, westwards for a distance of 100m. The closure will be in place from Monday, 2nd March till 2400 Friday 6th March This is to allow Scottish Water works to take place. The proposed diversion route is: Houston Road, Barochan Road, Bridge of Weir Road, A761, A737, Barnsford Road or Vice Versa.

Resurfacing; Clevans Road
This is not on the programme for next year but with the patching that has been undertaken this year it is hoped to be able to surface dress this location in the coming financial year.

Reflective Markers Houston Road:
Reflective strips have been affixed onto the bollards on the piers by the Kiosk.

A761 Brookfield 30mph Speed Limit:
Complaints have been made over several months about the change to the speed limit. The Cllr suggested a compromise to raise the 30mph to 40mph, and have the 30mph where it used to be 40mph within Brookfield. It will probably take someone to raise a petition to change this.

Planning: Ground adjacent to 30 Houston Road.
Planning permission has been granted for a 3 bedroom house, however, a clause in the title deeds for the flat states the plot must be kept as 'ornamental gardens', and unless the clause is removed, building work cannot proceed.

Bus Services:
McGill’s are planning some network changes from 11th May to a number of existing routes to provide customers with a direct service to the New South Glasgow Hospital. The number 7 service will operate between Linwood and Paisley town centre. A new service 17 will replace the Paisley to Glasgow section of the current service 7 and will operate from Paisley to Glasgow city centre, via the new hospital and the Clyde Tunnel.

Horsewood Road Park;
A suggestion that bollards be put at the vehicle entrance which could be unlocked and lowered when the council require access, the bollards would stop joy riders getting into the park and cutting up the grass. It would also mean less litter to be picked up.

Feedback from Meeting:

Livery Walk Lights;
There is an ongoing problem with the lights in the pedestrian precinct. The light near the British Legion is not working, this will be reported.

Road Closure: Houston Road, Inchinnan
Signage was in not in place at the Houston end when the road closed.

A761 Brookfield 30mph Speed Limit:
More information on why the speed restriction was extended out with Brookfield.

Ranfurly Park:
Agreement was that bollards should not block off the small car park but could be placed round it.

5. Secretary’s Report:
A letter from the Provost’s Office, our nomination of Brighter Bridge of Weir for the Community Award was unsuccessful.

6. Treasurers Report:
The Treasurer has circulated his report.

7. Planning Report:
The Planning convener reported that the date for the decision on the Shillingworth site has been changed to 18 March.
The planning application for a two storey garage at Holywell, Prieston Road contains plans for a living room, kitchen, bathroom, the Community Council will put in an objection to this plan..
Barnbeth: A Planning Application has been received to build a boathouse and jetty.

The Planning Application to build a house in garden next to Flat 30 in Houston Road has been approved, however burden (of ornamental garden) will have to be removed from deeds. .
Two visitors to the meeting raised the problem of planning applications being granted for extensions etc. that are not sympathetic to the conservation status of the area in Horsewood Road and Clevens Road.
They questioned whether conservation laws were being flouted and what could be done. After much discussion it was decided that the Community Council. will write to the Planning Department at Renfrewshire Council with our concerns.
It was suggested we should follow the example of Kilmacolm.

Roads and Ground Maintenance:
The Chairman has asked for the pavement at Main Street / Gryffe Grove to be re-surfaced.
It was reported that the re-cycling bins are better.
McGill’s Buses, contract for the X7A will run until 2017. There was also much discussion about the poor bus service Bridge of Weir receive.
It requires three different buses to visit the RAH. No bus to the Onex at Linwood, and no direct service at the moment to take patients visitors to the new hospital, and no direct route to Phoenix Retail park: There are also discrepancies in some fares.
Cllr Holmes has arranged a meeting with S.P.T, the Chairman will attend along with representatives of other organisations in the village.

Social Media.
The Community Council Facebook page is now up and running.
Fund Raising: Sub Committee Report.

An application for £400 from the LAC has been lodged.
Suggested was an Antique Road Show possibly sometime in September
Letters have been sent to some companies within the village, only one reply has been received to date, the Leather Works who have pledged £500.

Forum and LAC.
Minute of the Forum Meeting have been circulated to all the members. The elections under the New Scheme for Community Council’s will take place in September.
The information on funding has been passed on to the Fund Raising sub-committee.

Planning Democracy the Peoples Perspective Conference:
It was approved that S Clark and T Fulton will attend.

The Chairman attended the Fairtrade meeting last Thursday in the Bridge. It was in the form of an evening with Ismael Dias Rivas a honey and coffee producer from Guatemala.
A short film was shown about the co-operative followed by a presentation and a short film on Tradecraft Necessities Appeal.
The local Fairtrade Secretary announced that Bridge of Weir and Houston had yet to be given Fairtrade status The Chairman was approached and it was mentioned that Bridge of Weir had been refused by London as the Community Council did not have procurement.
The Secretary is well aware that we do not have procurement and will have another go at London before she approaches us again.

Christmas Lights Switch –on:
The date is Thursday 3 December.

Community Council elections will be held in September.

Open Forum:
Nothing to discuss.

Date of Next Meeting:
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 7th April at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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