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Bridge of Weir Community Council Report from Councillor MacLaren:

1. Planning Applications

i. Whitelint Gate 16/0423/PP
Patterson Partners have appealed against the council’s refusal for planning permission.

ii. Planning Application, Lawmarnock Rd., 16/0669/PP
Still to come before the Planning Board.

2. Street Lighting
i. LED Lighting
Council have been replacing the old sodium lighting with the new LED lighting. The new lighting is more direct and does not reflect so much and it is not meeting everyone’s approval. Legislation will be introduced this year that will make the maintenance of the old style orange lighting untenable. LED technology will reduce energy bills by around 60% and make a substantial contribution towards the Council's carbon reduction targets. The new white lighting enables colours to be identified and many people find this improves visibility at night. A further benefit is that LEDs have a very long life, potentially in excess of 20 years and this will reduce incidences of dark lamps.

The new lighting units produce less lighting “backwash” than conventional units and so there is less light spill from the street onto gardens and the frontages of houses. As a consequence, missing lamps or faulty lamps are far more obvious. The lighting scheme is designed for the relevant road class (residential, distributor road, etc.), i.e. different wattages for different roads.

I have received a number of complaints and have sent details to one person on how to raise a petition in protest. I understand, but have not had confirmation, that people in Linwood complained so much that the bulbs were replaced with stronger ones.

ii. Livery Walk Street Lighting: - The Contractor did not switch the circuit back on following the removal of the Christmas lights. This has now been resolved.

3. Roads
i. Resurfacing of Roads and Pavements: - I have sent off to the council a list of roads and pavements I think should be given priority in the next round of resurfacing come the new financial year.
ii. Potholes: - The roads are in an atrocious condition at present with potholes springing up everywhere. The council can take 14 days to reply to correspondence and then some to fix the problem.
iii. Cross Road at Locher Road/Crosslee Road: - an officer has inspected the location and will arrange for a staggered junction warning sign to be erected either side of these side roads on the A761.
iv. Sensor Traffic Lights Tannery Bridge, Kilbarchan Rd: - It has been suggested to me that traffic lights should be installed at the tannery bridge. This road is likely to get busier with the imminent work at Deafhillock Roundabout and in the long run from increased traffic on the A761. Council has no intention of installing traffic lights here at present.

4. Recycling Site at Livery Walk
I recently expressed concern to the Waste Services Manager regarding this site. This is a long established site and is used by local residents, particularly for additional glass items. The site also has a textiles bank which is well used and recently when the car park was being resurfaced and facilities were temporarily removed we received enquiries asking when the facility would be replaced. As an intermediate solution he will remove a few of the recycling bins and tidy up the site which would allow for two additional car parking spaces. This action would allow the council to assess the public response and inform future action regarding this facility.

5. Council Tax changes in 2017/18
The Scottish Government introduced legislation to change Council Tax and this will come into force from April 2017. Those in the four highest council tax bands (E, F, G and H) will receive an increase. Band E = +7.5%. Band F = +12.5%. Band G = 17.5%. Band H = 22.5%. Renfrewshire Council will set its budget on 16th February.


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