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Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, N Ferguson, T Fulton, S Lafferty, S Liddell, H Martin, C McCulloch, E O’Hare, N Thomson.

Apologies: S. Clark, N. Don, M. McClements, Councillor J MacLaren.

Visitors: M Millar and C Gilzean TARA, 5 members of the public. PC D Lazarus, PC J Deighan.

In the absence of the Chairman Vice-Chairman T Fulton presided.

Minute of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

Roads Transport and Ground Maintenance N. Ferguson had not attended the meeting with TARA.
Fund Raising Sub Committee, in sports equipment should read N. Ferguson has approached a number of contractors.
Subject to these changes the Minute was approved by S. Lafferty and Seconded by H. Martin.

Police Report:

The policereport was given by PC D Lazarus and PC J Deighan. As their computer was down there was no written report but gave a verbal one.

1 Common assault 2 Acts of Theft
1 Shop Lifting 1 Theft of H.G.V.
1 Misuse of Drugs 3 Minor Road Traffic Acts
Of these crimes - 4 were detected.

Councillors Report: No Councillors were in attendance, Cllr MacLaren had sent a written report and this was circulated.

Secretary’s Report:

Letters received from the Provost’s office saying that our 2 Nominations for Provost’s Awards had been unsuccessful. Disappointed that Brighter Bridge of Weir had not received the Community Award as this was the third year we had nominated them.
We received a letter from Renfrewshire Council about the 30mph speed limit at St Mary’s Church we were not satisfied with their answer and have written back to the Council.
An e.mail from a resident when out on the cycle track was unhappy about the rubbish and bags of dog dirt.

Treasurers Report:

Balance in Bank at 7th February £1728.94
Petty Cash £29.39.

Planning Report:

The proposed developments at Whitelint Gate and Gladman at Kilmacolm Road; both these planning applications have gone to appeal. We await a site visit from the reporter.
Clevans Road, planning permission has been granted and work is already underway.
Cala Homes Lawmarnock Road, no decision on this planning application has been made yet.
Archies Pub, planning permission has been granted.
Hermiston, Golf Road, no decision has been made.
Patons Mill, Johnstone, planning permission has been granted.
The Scottish Government Planning is out for consultation and is due by 8th April.
The Main Issues Report dealing with future plans has to be responded to by early May. It projects the future housing needs for Renfrewshire. The preference is always to use brown field development. The Community Council will make a response.
The Documents on this are available in the Library and the Community Council will put some advice on Facebook.

Roads, Transport and Ground Maintenance:

Houston Road Park, the committee has not had a meeting.
Virgin Media is leaving pavements cracked and not restoring to original condition.
Bulls Garage no further developments.
Gully Clearing, Watt Road, ask Cllr MacLaren to look into this.
St Mary’s Church. It was felt that Council’s response was unsatisfactory, another letter has been sent asking them to reconsider.

Projects and Fundraising:

No meetings have been held recently. Annual expenses are about £1000 to £1100 per annum. The Administration Grant from Renfrewshire Council is £750 per year, which means that £250 - £300 has to be raised per year to cover expenses.
There are two main projects.
Outdoor Exercise Equipment in Horsewood Road Park.
The Ladewalk. T. Fulton and N. Ferguson had a meeting with Stuart Miller (Engage Renfrewshire) and Kam Kaur Economic Development Officer (Funding and Development) who should be able to help with looking for grants etc.
There are a number of different owners of the area which makes it difficult, plus it is a big undertaking and the Community Council would be unable to project manage this on their own.

Conferences and Consultations:
These have been circulated to the members.

Communications, Website, Facebook:

Our webmaster is finding it too much with her other commitments, but will keep Face book up to date meantime.

Christmas Lights:

A modest profit was made this year for the first time, due to the LAC grant and our own fund raising.
We have had a notification that the deadline for LAC grant applications is March 17th 2017.
The Chairman will look into the problem with the lights being out over the festive period.

LAC / Forum:

The next LAC meeting is to be held in Erskine on February 22nd no one is able to attend.
The Forum meeting is on 27th February.


Due to the upgrading of the Cargill Hall we will be unable to use it in April or May. The primary school will be available for May meeting. Other venues will be looked at meantime.

Open Forum:

The Secretary has had communication with the Gazette re their decision not to have local news columns. The Editor has said to send all reports to the paper and they will be included within the paper itself.

Date and Time of Next meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday 7th March at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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