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Bridge of Weir Community Council

Minutes Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 5 February 2013 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: P Allan, S Clark, J Ellis, J Farquhar, T Fulton, S Laffery, G Lethorn, S Liddell, H Martin, D McKenzie, M Mills, E O’Hare.


VISITORS: Cllr M Holmes, Cllr M Brown, Cllr J MacLaren, N Johnstone Save the Park, A Johnstone M Greenlees Brighter Bridge of Weir, 22 members of the public representing Shillingworth.

The Chairman opened the meeting welcoming Community Council members and members of the public.
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by D. McKenzie and seconded by J. Farquhar.
Matters arising:
Neva Place, no agreement had been reached within the required time, therefore there will be no development by Renfrewshire Council, the money has now been reallocated elsewhere.

Police Report: None

Planning Report:
22 members of the public had come to express their concern and disapproval of the new Local Plan regarding a possible proposed development in the Shillingworth area. It was explained by the Chairman that the Community Council had no part in the decision making of the Local Plan. The Community Council does however have consultation rights on any planning proposals.
It was pointed out that the full draft plan had been passed and is now Renfrewshire Council policy however it has still to go before the Scottish Government.
A member of the public from the Shillingworth area brought to the attention of the Community Council that in 2004 the Local Plan passed by Renfrewshire Council said there would be no release of greenbelt land at Shillingworth, at that time the developer had objected to this. The Independent Reporter upheld the decision made by Renfrewshire Council that the land should not be released. Therefore as no changes had been made to this area it was difficult to understand the decision of Renfrewshire Council to now release some of this land for development.
At this point the Chairman told the meeting that he along with the Vice Chairman/Planning Convener, Secretary and a CC Member met with Head of Planning, Fraser Carlin and a Senior Officer Stuart McMillan in Paisley in the morning to discuss the Local Plan.  They had been told that there was a requirement on Renfrewshire Council to release land for development and they had thought this area was the best option.  What they also alluded to was if this piece of land was not released the reporter could tell them that other land somewhere else within the village greenbelt would have to be released.
Councillor MacLaren was asked why no objections had been raised during the meeting which he had attended, and that had resulted in the Local Plan being passed, in reply he said he had in fact made several comments that had not been included in the minutes.
All three Councillors were asked to give their views on the Local Plan and it was explained that once a Councillor has expressed his/her opinion on a particular issue he/she is then excluded from the full Council vote.

Councillor MacLaren suggested that a group be formed with a chosen spokesperson and efforts made to give notice to Renfrewshire Council the level of discontent with the decision taken. Councillor Brown gave as an example of a group that had managed to do that “We’re saving our village”
The Planning Convener pointed out that the Community Council’s responsibility is to reflect the interests of the village as a whole and that there will be a meeting held to discuss all the proposed changes to the Local Plan after which the Community Council will make any appropriate objections.
He also advised the group  that when objections are put forward it is important that they are of a type that are considered relevant e.g. saying that it is an area where children play or that the roads leading to the area are already full of potholes would be ignored.
The meeting then continued.

Dawn Development:
Yet again Dawn Development have pulled out of the public meeting that they had requested the Community Council had agreed to organise and advertise.  It was decided that if any future public meetings requested by Dawn Developments they would have to organise it themselves. It was agreed that a letter should be sent to them.

Councillor MacLaren:
It will now be possible for pupils to take Higher Certificates in three sciences in 5th and 6th year at Gryffe High School although it is not certain if it may be necessary for pupils to travel to other schools for classes.
Renfrewshire wardens have said that help is needed in reporting owners who allow their dogs to foul without cleaning up.
Road Speeding Signs are being placed in different locations in the village to monitor speed of traffic. Requests were made that the area of Lintwhite Crescent and Moss Road be included in the monitoring as well as Houston Road where it is thought that the 40mph is not being adhered to.
Cllr MacLaren said the following matters were being looked into; Poor drainage and street lighting: Protection for walkers and cyclists between Bridge of Weir and Houston: Fencing behind the football pitches at Gryffe High School, lamp posts, fallen trees, and applications for new telephone masts.

Secretary’s Report:
The Secretary reported that everything that had been received were consultations which as a Community Council were being looked at.
She had consulted with J Farquhar on the Police Authority Consultation.
Letter from Dawn cancelling meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer gave a verbal report and also handed it round for any comment.


Members of Brighter Bridge of Weir had come to discuss plans for this year’s Christmas Light display with the possibility of enhancing what they had done  in 2012.  The Community Council does not have sufficient funds to help but will put in a request to Renfrewshire Council although not really hopeful of a positive response. The local Councillors suggested that Brighter Bridge of Weir meet with the Local Area Committee.
LEAP – The meeting with LEAP has been postponed until 25th February.
Freeland Church Open Day on 16th June – it was felt that the date was too close to Gala week for the Community Council to participate.
There was insufficient time to discuss the consultation to the Local Plan so a decision was taken to rearrange another meeting and decide what objections were appropriate. Members will be advised of the date by email.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 5 March 2013 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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