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Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on 
Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, J Farquhar, T Fulton, F Hewitt, S Lafferty, G Lethorn, S Liddell, D McKenzie,M McClements, E O’Hare,
Apologies: Helen Martin.

Visitors: PI. Cassie Glass, Cllr. M Holmes, Cllr. J MacLaren. B MacDougall, D Macdonald, R Lauder, One other St. Mungo Court.

Minute of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising.
There were no matters arising, the minute was approved by E. O’Hare and seconded by Sandra Lafferty.

Guest Speaker: PI C Glass, Police Inspector, Johnstone and Villages.
Inspector Glass gave a short presentation, K and L divisions are to be merged, however this merger will only affect senior management and will allow for more local officers in this area. there will be two more rural officers in the area by the end of the month. We can be assured that policing will be strengthened. However the police do need members of the public to report anything which they feel is suspicious by calling 101.
There is to be a media launch at the end of the month called Rural Watch.
Any concerns the Community Council have should be passed on to Chief Inspector Kennedy.

Police Report:
In total there were 19 crimes with 3 being detected.
2 Common Assault – 1 detected 4 Theft x house breaking
2 Attempted house breaking 1 Theft
2 Breach of the peace – 1 detected 1 Theft of a motor cycle
1 Theft from Motor vehicle 1 RTA offences – 1 detected
2 Vandalism 1 Fraud /bogus workmen
1 Theft x shoplifting 1 other.

Councillors Report:
Cllr.Holmes reported that the 20’s plenty and roundel on Lintwhite Crescent should be completed before the end of February.
Removal of cycle stands at car park are scheduled for new financial year.
There will be new 30mph signs from Deafhillock roundabout.
There was nothing to report on the Bull’s garage site.
Renfrewshire Council has been approached by the agent for the developer/landowner for the site at Whiteline Gate. They have indicated that they will be applying for a significant build on the site. This has not been encouraged by Renfrewshire Council and is part of the usual consultation process.
Cllr Holmes is setting up a meeting with the Managing Director of McGills buses to discuss improving the service. The Chairman said he would be happy to attend this meeting, a member from the TARA will also attend. TARA has already formed a committee to discuss buses and will take forward their proposals.
It was suggested that the Community Council should contact Ian Gray MSP to give our support to his Private Members Bill whereby bus companies should be forced to take over unprofitable bus routes as well as profitable ones. Rural communities still need services. It was suggested that a letter be sent to S.P.T. about the poor standard of the X7a and 19 buses.

Secretary’s Report.
The Secretary reported that she had thanked those involved with the lights switch on.
She had attended a workshop with T Fulton on the setting up of the Community Council Facebook page.

Treasurers Report:
In giving his report the Treasurer said that all bills for the Christmas Lights switch on had been paid.

Planning Report:
The planning convenor reported that the new Clyde Valley structure plan process has just been launched. There is nothing for the Community Council be involved in.
Renfrewshire Council Planning Department are consulting on land for future use, the reporter in the latest finalised Local Plan mentioned the shortage of housing in Renfrewshire. There will be a consultation process possibly in the spring.
The Shillingworth development has still to be approved.

Christmas Lights and Switch On:
The Chairman thanked everyone who helped on the evening. Members of the Executive met shortly after to discuss the event, and it was unanimously agreed it was an overwhelming success. The new lights and Santa’s arrival on the fire engine added immensely to the occasion.
There is no intention to further enlarge this as the numbers attending are manageable and additional numbers could give logistical problems. A number of other issues were also discussed on where improvement can be made, these matters will be addressed prior to this years event.
Roads and Ground Maintenance, Traffic Calming, White Lining Various Junctions, Recycle bins Livery Walk and Buses.

The Chairman introduced Mr McDonald from St Machar’s Ranfurly Church who gave a short presentation of proposals for tree works on the site of the Church. The meeting approved these proposals.

Cllr. MacLaren:
The accident on Kilmacolm Road on the 28 October involving two vehicles happened just at the boundary of Renfrewshire and Inverclyde. The heavy rain had caused flooding from the area on the north side of the Road, as a result of the surface water two opposing vehicles collided head on, off side to off side. It was apparent from the site visit that the surface water came from the Inverclyde side; this has been confirmed by the engineer from Inverclyde. Inverclyde Council are producing a scheme to sort this issue out permanently.
A full level survey will be carried out which will confirm what additional road drainage is required and the location of same. This will minimise/ reduce the volume of rain fall that crosses the carriageway.
The existing drain system will be repaired and cleaned at the farm access road. This will remove/ significantly reduce the water that discharges onto the public road
Signing and lining will/ may be revised.
These works are programmed to be completed before the end of March 2015.
Houston Rd/Kilmacolm Rd Junction.
The Cllr has reported the slow traffic through the village at peak school times and met with an engineer on site at the junction to discuss the problem. The slot for traffic turning right onto Houston Rd needs to be extended in the morning. Also the slot for traffic coming out of Houston Road around the end of school time will also be extended. The timings will be changed once BT has finished with their cable operations.
Torr Road/Main Street Junction;
No complaints have been received since the installation of an extra detector. An engineer was on site in mid-December, and the signals were working very satisfactorily at that time. The contractor MOTUS have observed the lights on a few occasions and they are working very well, dispersing the right turning queues.

Where there had been a problem with roads or pavements not being gritted, council has been quick to correct the situation. A new grit bin is to be located for the top of Loch Road at the junction with Elm Road.
Street Lights;
Column R2 at Ranfurly Place was reported on New Year’s Day when dogs were electrocuted. With some persistence, an inspector found the pole to be live and cut the supply to the column. He met with Scottish Power to show them the problem and this has now been repaired.
Traffic Calming on Kilmacolm Road:
The signs for this are not properly fixed in the ground, and all 6 require to be reinstalled. The roads department are aware of this issue and have instructed the contractor to carry out the necessary repairs.
Livery Walk Car Park:
Refreshing the disabled bays and parent/child bays have been added to the contractor work programme. These works are expected to be completed within the next 12 weeks. Also, there is no formal traffic order for the car park and the arrows painted on the road are advisory.
Cllr MacLaren said that It had become obvious that this car park is not large enough and a long stay car park was needed He has suggested to the council that they should look at the existing temporary car park off Kilmacolm Road as a solution.
Christmas Lights;
Cllr. MacLaren thanked The Haven, Kilmacolm for supplying and erecting the Christmas tree outside Freeland Church and for its removal. Thanks also to Brighter Bridge of Weir for supplying the lights, and to all who helped decorate it.
Steps at Livery Walk:
The back steps from the service lane may have been repaired by now. An instruction has been passed to the external contractor DAMM Environmental to improve the pedestrian stairs to the rear.

Cllr. Holmes will notify Renfrewshire Council about re- cycle bins at Livery Walk over flowing, Potholes in Lintwhite Crescent and on the Kilbarchan Road, and check if the War memorial has been repaired.

Fund Raising: Sub-Committee Report:
The Treasurer reported that they had met on one occasion. A grant application for submission to the LAC will be organised. Letters will be sent to some of the larger companies looking for sponsorship. committee to

Social Media:
S Liddell and T Fulton attended the Council training workshop. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to join Facebook particularly as it may help attract some younger members to the Community Council. It would require administrators to monitor it.

Forum and Local Area Committee:
The next Forum meeting is on Monday 23 February.


The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 3rd March at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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