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Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council
Minute of the Community Council held on 
Tuesday 2nd February 2016 at 7.00 pm in the Cargill Hall.

Apologies:- None


Minute of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
No matters arising. Minute proposed by Neil Ferguson, seconded by Colin McCulloch.

Police Report
Inspector Cassie Glass reported that there had been 16 crimes and 4 had been detected.
1 Common Assault 1 detected
5 Theft and House breaking 0 detected
1 Attempted Theft 0 detected
1 Theft from a motor vehicle 0 detected
2 Criminal Justice Acts 2 detected
3 Vandalism 0 detected
1 RTA offence 1 detected
2 Other (trying doors of houses) 1 detected
Theft from a trailer at the back of Burndale place, worth about £8000. One distinctive item, a Go-Kart. Police are looking for help. Details to be put on Social media. Although there was CCTV, the pictures were too indistinct to be used.
A number of issues were raised :-
a) Speeding in Hazelwood Road.
b) Speeding on Crosslee Road (single track road). This is out with Bridge of Weir CC area.
c) Why wasn’t Kaimhill cottages visited until two weeks after the murder in the summer?
d) The parking of HGV’s delivering to the Leather works parking up in layby’s around BOW. Why was Leatherworks preventing them from delivering?
Also it was reported that residents on Locher road were being disturbed by the HGV’s and would not want them using Locher Road late at night.
e) Why didn’t the Police note any suspicious activity on Johnstone Road BOW in the early hours of Saturday when the Go Kart was being stolen, Surely officers should have been patrolling at this time?
Inspector Glass said that she had noted the concerns raised, and that she would investigate and give answers.
Sandra to send a letter to Leatherworks stating that these issues had been raised.

Presentation by Fraser Carlin, Head of Planning and Housing Services.
Fraser was replying to Questions which had previously been sent to him, these had been circulated to all C.C. members.
He reported that Renfrewshire council were 1000 houses short and had to include these in the Local Development plan. They were hoping to use 97% of Brownfield locations and that their priority was to keep green belt.
There was a lot of discussion about the Gladman proposal to build on Kilmacolm road site. Fraser pointed out that objections should be put directly to Gladman, not to the council. There is a feedback form available online.
Whitelint Gate - no further proposals.
Bull’s Garage – there is a title dispute over the site. No proposals.
He encouraged CC to contribute to the Local Development Plan.
Third Party Right of Appeal – it has to be paid for, and it does not appear to work very well in Ireland.
Councillor’s Report
Councillor Marie Brown reported that the cabin in the playground of the Primary school was there so that classes could be decanted while electrical works were going on.
Building work had started on the extension to the Nursery.
Shillingworth – the move to create more access has been refused.
Gritting in Bridge of Weir – Objection raised to the fact that Loch Place had been gritted but that Loch Road had not.
Street Lighting. There has been contractor issues The council are looking for another contractor, but there is no indication of time.
The next Social work Board to be the last ever. Children’s services to be integrated into the joint board which starts in April.

Councillor James MacLaren’s Report

1. Flooding Issue
I have requested that Scottish Water replace the sewer pipe that comes down the Glen, however Scottish Water say that no capital works are planned for Bridge of Weir. Scottish Water has a flooding team who are carrying out investigations following the bad weather.
I suggested that we should also map out where the worst flooding took place and ensure that existing drainage is working and not blocked and consider additional measures, e.g. further gullies and perhaps, on bridges, gratings built into the walls.

2. Roads
a) St Mary’s Church
Following a site visit, the crossing point on the Johnstone Road at St Mary’s Church will be surveyed to determine what measures are appropriate to allow pedestrians to cross safely. 2 lights out and one lamp missing at this location and I have asked for these to be repaired/reinstated. Immediate works may see new signs and lettering on the road.

b) Pothole Repairs
There has been a delay in repairs being made to the potholes. For 2-3 weeks over the Christmas break the quarries are closed and council are not able to get any material to repair roads. Thereafter the roads workers have largely been employed in gritting duties, which means they are then unavailable the next working day to carry out road repairs. A list of all known affected areas has been compiled and council are now undertaking a large programme of repairs to the roads with several local contractors also aiding with this work to ensure that repairs can be made as soon as possible.

c) Potholes on Mill of Gryffe Road
I have requested that these be filled in, although, as expected, I was told that this is a “private” road and the responsibility of the adjacent properties to carry out maintenance. I have requested a site visit and necessary specification to bring this road up to adoptable standard.

d) Resurfacing
I have requested a number of roads and pavements to be resurfaced in the new financial year.

e) The Junction of Warlock Road and Woodside Avenue
There is no safety defect at this time however if contractors are carrying out some other works and if able to include this within their contracted programme then council will try and have an improvement made. If not, then council will continue to monitor and programme works for the new financial year.

f) Lintwhite Crescent Parking
I have requested parking restrictions on the corner of Lintwhite Crescent and the Main Street. A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required which could take up to two years to complete; this involves a consultation that includes local residents as part of this process and it is not guaranteed that the TRO would pass the first stage consultation. An officer will visit the junction to investigate the matter further.

3. Wall at Warlock Road
There is a hole in the wall belonging to BOW PS which leads out onto Warlock Road. There is no pavement so any child coming through this, steps directly out onto the road. I have asked for it to be repaired.

4. Development interest at Locher Road
Barratt/David Wilson Homes had sought to have the land in this area identified for housing in the Local development Plan but this was not supported by the council. No further interest has been expressed. An application for an area exceeding 2 hectares would require a Pre-Application Notice.

5. White Space
I attended an Ofcom conference in Edinburgh and while there are a number of alternative options to BT superfast broadband, most people will probably be content to wait for Superfast Broadband to arrive.

6. Shillingworth Place
The application to move 2 houses which would allow access to the south field has been refused.

The cabin in the playground is in place to facilitate a programme electrical rewire works which are being planned for the school. Currently there is no 'go-live' date for those works commencing on site but work is anticipated for late spring/ early summer.
The cabin itself is being reconfigured internally in order to provide 'decant' classroom accommodation during the electrical works- and it will be removed on completion of those works. Council are currently assessing the project to establish how long they will take on site.

8. Livery Walk Recycling Bins
These bins are well used and the council is reluctant to remove them. I am seeking to have them repaired and tidied up/emptied and will request that the site is kept tidy.

Secretary’s report :-

Treasurer’s Report
Had been circulated previously.
Fund Raising Sub Committee Report
Application for LAC grant needs to be done soon.
Ideas for use of funds raised:-
• Cycling proficiency layout at old station, plus skateboard park
• Outdoor Access, walks down by the Lade meeting with Kate Cuthbert.
Christmas Lights Switch on De-brief
Christmas lights at top of Lintwhite Crescent. Glasgow Airport Flightpath may also give a grant.
Waste recycling
A letter of complaint had been sent but no reply had been received.
Invitations and Conferences.
These had all been circulated.
Lots of invitations are too expensive.

LAC next meeting in February.
Sandra Liddell has resigned as chairman of the Forum. No one put forward to go on committee.

Donald McKenzie has resigned and Natalie has come forward and agreed to do the Web site.

Bull’s Site - Neil Ferguson stated that a grant could be applied for called ‘Stalled Spaces’ which could maybe help to sort out the ownership of the land.

Date and Time of Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 1st march at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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