December 6th - Bridge of Weir Community Council

Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council
Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 6th December 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, N Don, N Ferguson, S Lafferty, S Liddell, H Martin, M McClements, N Thomson, Cllr. J MacLaren.

Apologies: E. O’Hare, T. Fulton, C. McCulloch.

Visitors: Sgt Phil Moir K329 Police Scotland, 7 members of the public.

Minutes of Previous Meeting and matters Arising:
There were no matters arising.
The Minute of the meeting was approved by N. Ferguson and seconded by H. Martin.

The meeting was attended by a small group from St Mary’s Church led by David Gifford from the Scottish Episcopal Church. St Mary’s is now growing and has an increasing number of events, they are extremely concerned about the speed of traffic on the Johnstone Road which is making crossing from the church to the car park dangerous, and also dangerous for cars exiting the car park. They have approached Renfrewshire Council on numerous occasions, and also written to the Traffic Police.
It was suggested that the Church congregation should try to get up a petition to forward to Councillors and contact their M.P. and MSP. plus the press.
In the meantime the Community Council will write a letter in support of moving speed restriction signs on the road.

Police Report:

Sgt Moir reported that there had been 8 crimes over the month with 3 detections.

1 Common Assault 0 Detection
2 Theft by Housebreaking 0 Detection
1 Breach of the Peace 0 Detection
2 Fraud 1 Detection
1 Road traffic Offence 1 Detection
1 Street Drinking 1 Detection

Mention was made about speeding traffic on Torr Road, Sgt Moit said he would report this.

Councillors Report: Councillor James MacLaren.

The Councillor said he had very little to report.
The street lights out in Killalan Avenue have been reported.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary had received acknowledgements from Renfrewshire Council on our nominations for the Provost’s Community Awards.
Much of her work during the month had been finalising and shopping for the lights switch on.
All consultations and communications had been circulated to the members.

Treasurers Report:

Transfer of paperwork, banks funds etc is still ongoing.
For the first time we made a small profit from the Christmas Lights Switch On.

Planning Report:

There was nothing to report.

Roads Transport and Ground Maintenance:

N. Don, S. Clark and N. Ferguson had a meeting with T.A.R.A. to discuss developments at Houston Road Park. The Renfrewshire Councill want the Community to help with fund raising.
There will be two Officers appointed in Community Resources in February to help to raise funding. N. Ferguson, C. McCulloch and N. Don will be on sub-committee.
Bushes at the top of Lintwhite Crescent have been cut back.

Fund raising Sub Committee:

The sub-committee met on Wednesday. T. Fulton, and J. Farquhar were consulted about the Ladeside Walk. It is very expensive coming in at over £200,000. Engage Renfrewshire have been approached about funding, they will report back.
Sport Equipment – N. Ferguson has decided on a preferred contractor, and will continue with procurement.
The question was raised about how much fund raising we want to do. It was decided we should have a fund raising review.

Conferences and consultations:
These have been circulated.

Communications, Website-Facebook:

Nothing to report.

Christmas Light Switch On De-Brief:

It was felt that this had been very successful, and the bucket collection and raffle had raised nearly £400.


£79,000 had been made from the sale of the Lions.
Next L.A.C. meeting is on February 22nd.


Concerns were raised about bogus workers, and scammers on computers.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall

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