Dec 4th - Bridge of Weir Community Council

Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Bridge of Weir Community Council


Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 4 December at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present:- P. Allan,  S. Clark, J. Ellis,  T. Fulton, S. Liddell, D. McKenzie, M. Mills, Councillor J. MacLaren, Councillor M. Brown.

Apologies:- G. Lethorn, H. Martin, E.O’Hare.

Visitors:- S. Lafferty, H. McAleer, J. Farquhar, Sergeant Helen Devenney, P.C. Wendy Muir, P.C. Nicola Weir, Diane Dunn , Carol Gemmel ( LEAP project).

Two new members were co-opted onto the Community Council:-
Sandra Lafferty, and Jim Farquhar

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

Minute of October meeting proposed by D. McKenzie         seconded by J. Ellis.
Minute of November meeting proposed by M. Mills            seconded by J. Ellis.

Presentation by LEAP:

Carol Gemmell Project Manager of Leap explained it was the local energy action plan. This was started in Lochwinnoch by a steering group keen to save energy and to give advice to others on how they could save energy. They do free energy checks, draught tests and proofing advice, renewable energy thermal imaging and education on how to save energy. They also promote local food, manage a car club and have secured government funding and are continuing to expand.
Diane Dunn then talked about the car club which again is not for profit, but is a community car hire scheme, this allows people access to a car when required. They have been allocated a dedicated car parking space at Livery Walk where it is hoped that people will respect this car parking space and leave it free. Persons wishing to use the service pay a membership fee and then pay as they go.
They have also acquired premises at Advance Place and the launch will take place on Saturday 19 January.
They will be holding Food Fair’s encouraging people to buy local produce and would like to introduce local food labelling.
The Chairman thanked them for their attendance and for the information given and assured them that the Community Council would be happy to support this project.

Police Report:

P.C. Nicola Weir gave the police report.
6 crimes had been committed.
2 Assaults, 3 Thefts, 1 Road Traffic Incident.
3 have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

Sergeant Helen Devenney introduced herself. She is the replacement for Sgt. High who has now moved on to Paisley.  The Secretary will email her the Community Council meeting dates.

Secretary’s Report:

A letter was sent to H Tidswell on his resignation from the Community Council thanking him for all his work on our behalf over the years.
Sent a letter to Sustrans on the ownership of Station Road.
Community Facilities have moved from Johnstone to Renfrew Road, Paisley.
Received a letter from Scottish Water.

Councillor’s Report;
Cllr. M. Brown:

The repairs to the footpath at Killalan Avenue will not be completed until further tree works required have taken place.
Flooding outside The Weir pub. Renfrewshire Council have said that they had not been aware of the problem. However a Community Councillor stated that they had been informed of the problem four years ago. The flooding occurs because the drain sits higher than the surface of the road.
The problem with flooding at Freeland Drive is in hand.
Renfrewshire Council appear to be supplying grit bins where required. One has been placed in Park Road and another at the Cargill Hall.
Some brown bins put out on Friday have not been emptied. Councillor Brown will pursue this. She will also follow up on some household rubbish dumped at Livery Walk, and that the Car Park has not been gritted and neither has any of the walking routes.
She was asked if she could confirm with Renfrewshire Council when the Grit bins are empty could they be refilled.
It was also brought to her attention that there were grey bins left out at the top of Mill Brae that appear not to have been emptied and that a lot of rubbish was strewn around beside them.

Treasurers Report:  

The Treasurer handed out his report and went through it.

Ground Maintenance and Roads:
This was covered in Councillors Brown’s report.

Planning Report:

Dawn Developments had contacted the Community Council requesting a meeting. They were informed that this would have to be a public meeting. The Community Council agreed to organise and chair it. Dawn Developments have agreed to this.  A date will be organised for this.

The Consultation for the MIR comes out on 14 January 2013.

Neva Place: The upgrading of the frontages at Neva Place is in jeopardy as a resident and a business owner have not yet signed the relevant documents allowing this to go ahead. The Council requires a response by the end of the week.
Councillor J. MacLaren said he will contact the owners again and remind them that they have to respond.

Christmas Lights Switch On:

This had been very successful but there are some points which could possibly be improved on. This will be discussed at a later date.

Ladeside Project:

T. Fulton is waiting to hear from K. Cuthbert, Access Officer, who is trying to establish ownership of some of the land.
He suggested that Bishopton had developed an around village walk which was mostly off road and that we might want to look at something like that in Bridge of Weir.

Forum Report:

The Forum held their AGM and regular meeting on 19 November, the Management Committee were elected and office bearers appointed.
At the ordinary meeting discussion took place about the bus service in parts of Paisley.
Grass cutting in Renfrewshire, Russell McCutcheon, Amenity Services Manager had answered questions raised at the previous meeting.

A letter sent to GGGHB on smoking at the RAH had not been responded to, it was decided to resend the letter.
Responses had been received on increasing membership of community councils.

Local Area Committee Report:

Due to illness H. Martin had been unable to attend. The Chairman feels it’s important that someone should attend and has agreed that he will attend when necessary. Cllr. Brown had attended and said it was very quiet as they had run out of money.  It was suggested that application for grants in 2013/14 will have to be in early.


Steadfast Band:  The Community Council use them regularly at the Christmas event and will ask them to perform at a spring concert where funds could be raised for the British Legion.
Cllr. MacLaren asked if it would be possible to hold a New Year Ceilidh, but this was not considered feasible.

Date and Time of next Meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 5 February at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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