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Minute of the Community Council meeting held on Tuesday 3 rd December, 2013 at 7pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present:    S Clark, J Farquhar,  S Liddell, , H Martin,  T Fulton,

Apologies:  P Allan, S Lafferty, G Lethorn, D McKenzie,

PC Hutchison K523, PC Henry K179,  Michael Watson  SPT,  B MacDougall, M McClements. Cllr James MacLaren.
Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

Amendment 5 th November.

There appeared to be a contradiction between statements made by the police and those of a Councillor regarding motor vehicles crossing the pavement to park on the land in front of the shops at Neva Place.  Clarification of the situation will be sought at a future Community Council meeting.

Minute was approved by J Farquhar and seconded by H Martin.

Transport Report:  

Michael Watson, Route Planner, SPT attended the meeting as an invited guest speaker.  He advised that in a deregulated  market bus service providers were allowed to choose the  routes they wished to run a service as these were run on a commercial basis.
SPT tries to fill gaps in the gaps, however, a very tight budget only allows for a very basic service.  Regarding the X7A service, it appears to be a service mainly for commuters from
St. Andrews Drive / Gorse Crescent going to Johnstone railway station. To go through the village to Houston Road  would  mean  having to turn at St Fillans, Houston.  SPT would not be allowed to carry passengers on Houston Road, as it would be acting as competition to a commercial route. Contrary to rumours about X7A stopping  Mr. Watson said the subsidy on this route ran until 15th January 2014, the same date Gillens Transport have stated they would be stopping the 317 Kilmacolm-Johnstone-Lochwinnoch service. Before that date SPT would seek to provide a subsidised route covering this and X7A routes that would commence on or soon after 15 January.

Police report:

Sec.5 RTA                          1        Detected  1
Theft from vehicle             1                       0
Theft of a ladder               1                       0
Wilful Fire Raising (car)      1                       0
Road Traffic Offence         1                        1
Comm. Act 2003 Threats  1                        0
Vandalism to vehicle         1                       0

After comment at the November meeting that police were not getting out of their vehicles at Loch Place, they were asked for clarification . The  Police  stated there had been a problem with fires in the area around Loch Place and the Ladeside  path and that it  was Police policy to get out of their vehicle to investigate reported fires.

Councillor’s Report:
Councillor MacLaren.
He reported on roads and email updates he had sent.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary would give her report on the Forum further in the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  

The Treasurer
presented a copy of  his  report. The Chairman   thanked  him  for the significant amount of work required  to produce accounts of such a high standard during the handover stage.

Planning Report:

A Public Meeting has been called by the reporter to be held in Renfrew Town Hall on  11 th December  to examine further matters of the Local Development Plan, Bridge of  Weir Community Council will not be required to attend.

Clyde Muirshield Save Our Park Group has written to the Community Council that the proposed wind turbine development at Millour Hill  already refused, a new application has now been lodged with proposed changes. The Community Council  agreed that they would continue to oppose any wind farm development within the Regional Park.
Bernies Cafe at Neva Place have applied  for an extended hours licence. It was  agreed that no action was required.

Project Report:

Ladeside Report: Kate Cuthbert informed  the Planning Convener that the estimated costs are not due until January or February 2014, and unknown ownership of Barr’s dam wall is causing problems as it is in need of repair.

Ground Maintenance:  

There has been a new bin placed in Houston Road Park.
No response has been received from Renfrewshire Council regarding the Houston Road and Loch Road junction repairs.
Water is still coming up through the leaking valve left after the burst main was repaired on the  Main Street.
Councillor MacLaren would like any problems with street lighting reported to him.

Christmas Lights:

The feedback regarding the whole evening has been very positive. There was an increased turnout in the Church, at Livery Walk and in the British Legion Hall. However, the cost associated with the increased turnout will mean applying for a grant from the LAC next year.
Although there was a bucket collection this does not nearly cover the costs involved.

Forum/Lac Committee

Due to unforeseen circumstances the LAC representative failed to attend the November LAC meeting.

It was reported that Renfrewshire now have 46 wardens who have dealt with over 5,000 requests.

The Review of the Scheme of Community Councils, this   has to be completed before the next election in 2015. The Forum is to review the constitution.
The Community Council’s administration  grant also requires to be reviewed
Renfrewshire Council have said that there will be no landfill after 2020 and everything has to be recycled.


The Expert group on Welfare reform

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday, 4 February 2014 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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