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CC Letter of Objection

Bridge of Weir community council considered the proposals detailed in application number 16/0291/PP - Land to North East of Strathgryffe Crescent, Gryffe Castle, Bridge of Weir for the erection of residential development including formation of vehicular access, open space and landscaping, provision of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) and associated engineering works (Planning Permission in Principle)

The following objection reflects the overwhelming views of local residents assessed from the exit poll at Gladman’s public exhibition on 2nd Dec 2015 and from residents attending the community council meeting on 3rd May 2016.

1. Proposals are contrary to Renfrewshire Council’s policy ENV1 on green-belt and the Local Development Plan (LDP) on Natural Heritage. A defensible greenbelt boundary of trees (under TPO) already exists. This proposal ignores this boundary and would set a precedent for future ribbon development.

2. The site is currently zoned in the LDP as green belt, not for residential development. The site is prime agricultural land currently being used mainly for cattle and sheep grazing.

3. There are alternative brown field sites within the village envelope that should be given precedence over any incursion into the green-belt.

4. The proposal alters the setting of the village entrance and would create an expectation of further development along both the north and south sides of Kilmacolm Road.

5. Traffic light control at this location will hinder traffic flows that are already causing frustration at peak times and do not offer a sensible safe walking route to school. A proper footpath on the north side of Kilmacolm Road is essential should Renfrewshire Council be minded to grant the proposal.

6. Pressure on existing infrastructure:

a. Contrary to the transport report associated with the application, residents suffer from the overloading of this route; particularly at peak times when 20 minute delays are common place at the Houston Road/Main Street – Kilmacolm Road junction. There is concern that the proposed traffic light controlled junction with pedestrian facility will exacerbate the congestion. At the community council meeting on 07/10/2014, a representative from the planning policy department replied to a question on the possible development of the Bull’s site that “This would require improvements to the road junction at Houston Road which is currently a 'bottle-neck' at peak travel times.” Gladman’s assessment of this junction contradicts this view.

b. Schools – residents have genuine concerns about the ability of the local schools to meet the increased pupil numbers that this will bring. The local schools are already operating at/or near capacity.

c. GP services – the increased growth will adversely impact on the local surgery.

d. The public exhibition held on the 2nd Dec 2015 indicated little support for the development amongst those that attended.

e. There is also concern for wild life associated with the existing woodland; In particular bats and lizards. An e.mail sent to the community council on this topic will be forwarded under separate cover.
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