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Minute of the ordinary meeting of Renfrewshire Community Council Forum 
held in the Council Chamber, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley on Monday, 15 June 2015 at 6.00 pm.
Sandra Liddell, Chairperson – presiding

Management Committee:
Sandra Liddell, Chairperson Bridge of Weir Community Council;
Mary McElhinney Vice Chairperson Linwood Community Council
David Williams Secretary Paisley West & Central Community Council
Denis Wadsworth Elderslie Community Council

Helen Martin                   Bridge of Weir Community Council
Margaret Dundas           Brookfield Community Council
Myra Leitch                     Gallowhill Community Council
Joe Theodore                 Hawkhead & Lochfield Community Council
Linda Smith                    Howwood Community Council
Bill David                        Howwood Community Council
Martin Rollo                    Inchinnan Community Council
Elizabeth Forrest          Johnstone Community Council
Mike Dillon                    Paisley North Community Council
John Wilby                    Paisley West & Central Community Council
Christine Hamilton       Ralston Community Council
Janice Martin               Renfrew Community Council

Anne McNaughton, Senior Committee Services Officer (Community Councils) and Derek Gillespie, Chief Executive; Tom Finn, Business Development Manager and William Mimnagh, Community Engagement Officer (all Renfrewshire Leisure Trust).

John Anderson (Bishopton) Kenneth Dundas (Brookfield)
Gaynor Corry (Paisley East & Whitehaugh) Eric McWaters (Hawkhead & Lochfield) Margaret Dymond (Paisley West & Central) Neil Barrington (Langbank)
Gordon Burgess (Renfrew) Joyce Bunton (Paisley North)

1. PRESENTATION: Renfrewshire Leisure
William Mimnagh delivered a presentation about Renfrewshire Leisure explaining how the organisation hoped to engage with communities to build a programme of activities that would be available throughout the year. Renfrewshire Leisure had started its outreach work by attending local Gala days and had helped residents in Erskine to restart their traditional Gala. Over the coming years, it was hoped that a community games event could be held as a finale to the season of local Gala days.
He advised that £5 million would be invested in two local parks - £3 million for St James and £2 million for the King George V football pitches. Communities would be consulted about how this investment could best be spent – already, ideas for a running track and green gym at St James had been suggested. A further £3 million would be invested in community centres and again, communities would be asked for feedback on how this investment would be best spent.
Renfrewshire Leisure was committed to working with communities over the next few years to ensure that it delivered not only sport but cultural and leisure services that local communities wanted, wherever possible.
The Forum was advised that the decision to transfer the day-to-day management and operation of cultural and leisure services to Renfrewshire Leisure had been made by Renfrewshire Council following public consultation. The assets (ie buildings/property/plant etc) would remain in the ownership of Renfrewshire Council.

1. Renfrew Community Council raised concern that the public consultation exercise undertaken prior to the transfer of culture and leisure services to Renfrewshire Leisure had not been well-advertised. The Forum was advised that a presentation had been made at each of the 5 Local Area Committees in August/September 2014 when the proposals and rationale for the transfer were discussed in detail. LAC members (including community councils) were encouraged to contact the Education service for more information; read the detailed reports published about the proposals on the Council website; and provide feedback through an online survey.

2. Paisley North Community Council advised that dog-fouling was still a problem in parks and on open spaces and suggested that more dog bins be provided. The Forum was advised that, through their Local Area Committee, members could direct the attention of Community Wardens to ‘hot spot’ areas for dog-fouling. Community Wardens could then target the area to reduce incidences of dog-fouling. The Forum was also advised that any litter bin could be used to dispose of waste from dogs.

3. Linwood Community Council raised concern that charges to use the OnX and other local authority-ran activities were too expensive for local people and voluntary groups and suggested that charges would rise when transferred to Renfrewshire Leisure. The Forum was advised that there had been no increase in the cost of hall lets for Council-ran premises since 2012. Renfrewshire Leisure advised that, in consultation with the transferred services, it would continue to influence charges for entry to sport/leisure/cultural facilities.

(a) to note that a copy of the presentation would be sent to all community councils together with contact details for Renfrewshire Leisure;
(b) to note that Renfrewshire Leisure would embark on a programme of visits to community council meetings to find out what services local communities would like to see provided in their area;
(c) to note that community councils could contact William Mimnagh to make suggestions about facilities and activities to be incorporated into St James Park and King George V playing fields;
(d) to thank the representatives of Renfrewshire Leisure for an informative presentation.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 23 February 2015 were submitted and approved.
DECIDED: To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 23 February 2015.
Under reference to item 5 of the Minute of the meeting held on 23 February, the Forum was advised that David Williams, Sandra Liddell and Neil Barrington had met with Alistair MacArthur, Head of Finance and Shona MacDougall, Director of Community Resources (both Renfrewshire Council) with a view to obtaining financial information about the cost of Council services per community council area.
At that meeting it was noted that Renfrewshire Council were happy to share financial information and it was agreed to find out what service area community councils, initially, wanted to receive financial information about. The Council would strive to provide this information and to examine how to break down financial information in the manner suggested.
Therefore, David Williams requested that all community councils consider this matter and advise him which areas of service/spend they wanted to receive information about.
DECIDED: To agree that community councils advise David Williams which areas of service/spend were of initial interest to community councils.

The Forum was advised that a new community council had been established in Foxbar & Brediland on 1 June 2015 and would hold its first meeting on 24 June 2015. The new community council was entitled to representation at this Forum.
DECIDED: To note the advice.

The Forum examined a draft document setting out a checklist relative to the process and arrangements to be made by each community council for the forthcoming elections to community councils.
As Assistant Returning Officer for the community council elections, Anne McNaughton advised that an introduction/information section would be added to the beginning of the document and some minor adjustments would be made before a final document could be issued. This would be done as soon as possible and issued to all community councils. Attention was drawn to the need for community councils to advise meeting dates for the year 2015/16 and to confirm the date of their AGM in October 2015.
DECIDED: To issue the checklist to all community councils when finalised.

Under reference to the Minute of the last meeting, the Forum examined a proposed Forum Action Plan for delivery during 2015/16.
The Action Plan set out four main objectives – to inform community councils; to train community council members; to promote community councils; and to increase membership of community councils.
A range of tasks to deliver these objectives were listed in the plan which also identified who would be responsible for ensuring tasks were completed; detailed a timescale for completion; and indicated how progress would be measured.
An update report would be submitted to each Forum meeting to advise progress to achieve these objectives.
DECIDED: To agree that the Forum Action Plan 2015/16 be implemented and updates provided at each Forum meeting.

Howwood Community Council sought support for a proposal that Renfrewshire Council grant each community council one free let per annum to host a community event. The cost of hiring the Village Hall for the annual Senior Citizens Scottish Evening was £250, a cost that the community council could not afford.
The Forum was advised that the community council was able to fund-raise to meet the cost of community events and could apply to the Local Area Committee for a grant and/or external funding sources.
DECIDED: To support the request that community councils be granted one free let of a community hall each year for a community event, and write to Renfrewshire Council in this regard.

The next meeting was scheduled to be held on Monday, 24 August, 2015 at 6.00 pm in the Council Chamber, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley. Members were requested to note the date in diaries.
DECIDED: To note the information.
The meeting ended at 8.00 pm

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