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Bridge of Weir Community Council
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Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 7th April at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: P Allan, S Clark, J Farquhar, T Fulton, S Lafferty, G Lethorn, S Liddell, H Martin, D McKenzie, M McClements, M Mills, E O’Hare, Councillor M Brown, Councillor J MacLaren.

Apologies : None

Visitors: M Arthur, B MacDougall, PC Gary Mitchell, PC Alison McCluskey.

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
Correction to date of meeting should read March instead of April. Under Roads and Maintenance, should read ‘Cllr Holmes has arranged a meeting with McGill’s’ not S.P.T. as stated. Subject to these changes Minute was Approved by J. Farquhar and Seconded by S. Lafferty.

Police Report:
P.C Mitchell and P.C. McLuskey attended, they are part of the Rural Initiative team.
In total 5 crimes with 2 being detected.
2 Breach of the Peace 2 detected 1 Traffic 0 detected
2 Vandalism 0 detected 1 Theft by Shop Lifting 0 detected
1 Theft 0 detected
The issue about the Off Road bikes and Quads being used in parks and on the cycle track had been raised at the previous meeting and as a result the police will have trail bikes out over the weekend.
Wildlife Crime which covers gun licensing, lamping etc. now comes under the auspices of the Rural Initiative

Secretary’s Report:
The Secretary reported a reply received from the Planning Department on our query on standards in the Ranfurly Conservation Area, this will be dealt with under planning report.
The new edition of Flightpath Magazine has been received.

Treasurer’s Report:
The report has been circulated. Now due for payment, Data Protection - £35 and Public Liability Insurance with Zurich £106.

Planning Report:
There was some preliminary discussion about the proposed Whitelint Gate planning application. The planning convener said that there appeared to be a larger incursion into the Green Belt than that of a similar application rejected 10 years ago. With 200 houses there would be a 10% increase in the population of the village. The requirement is that there has to be a public exhibition / consultation within 2 months of the notice and this would be the opportunity to raise objections. Prior public notice of this only requires a minimum of seven days. It was decided a leaflet could be prepared for distribution to the public once the date and venue were known, also a press report for the Gazette and Advertizer. The Chairman pointed out that according to comments on Facebook not everyone was in disagreement with the proposal.

Reference was made to the letter received from David Bryce, Development Standards Manager, Planning Department about issues raised at the previous meeting Ranfurly Conservation Area, and giving assurance that the appropriate standards are being applied.
Holywell, Prieston Road. There has been a new proposal where the word garage has been removed and was now changed to ‘an outbuilding at the rear.’
Reported was a hole in the old railway bridge. Both Renfrewshire Council and Sustrans are aware of this.

Concillor’s Report: Cllr. Brown.
Councillor Brown reported that a new joint board Health and Care had been created however opposition parties would not have a seat on this Board. Budgets will come from Health and Social Work. David Lees is the new Director.
Tackling Poverty in Renfrewshire will impact on children in Ward 10 where 13% of children are living in poverty. £6.000,000 will be set aside to address this.
Renfrewshire Law Centre had produced leaflets concerning rent arrears, mortgage arrears etc. These were circulated.

Cllr. MacLaren: .

Roads and Ground Maintenance:
A loose slab at Livery Walk has been caused by a utility company.
The report about the meeting with McGill’s buses has already been circulated to everyone. There is a further meeting on May 11th with network planners attending.
Smart card tickets are being considered for all routes

Social Media: Facebook Update.
The site has had a lot of likes and shares, therefore information is getting exposure fairly quickly.

Fund Raising Sub-committee:
The Treasurer reported that the committee had met and a funding application for £400 had been lodged with LAC.
There has only been one response to letters sent to major businesses within the village and that was from the Leather works. Consideration would be given to sending follow up letters.
They are pursuing the idea of an Antiques Auction. The proposed date is September.

New Scheme of Community Councils:
The New scheme for Community Council’s has been approved by Renfrewshire Council. There is not much change to concern us.
Our annual grant will be increased by £100 to £749.
Elected membership numbers will be minimum 7 maximum 21.
The elections will be held in September where members will serve for a four year term, and the first meeting after elections will be October where the office bearers will be appointed.
A meeting on implementation of the new scheme is on Wednesday 22nd April. S Liddell and J Farquhar will attend.

Forum / Local Area Committee:
The Forum Minutes had been circulated.

Conferences and Invitations:
Invitation to Listening Event with Robertson Trust - noted
Planning Aid Scotland, Gypsy/Traveller Celebratory Event - noted.
Open Invitation to St Mary’s lecture.
The Chairman and planning convener will attend Planning Democracy The Peoples Perspective Conference on Saturday 25th April.

Christmas Lights Switch On:
A decision will have to made soon about the lights.

Boundary Commission. The new boundary changes being proposed are that we will no longer be with Bishopton and Langbank but with Kilbarchan, Howwood and Lochwinnoch and, however the community council will wait the consultation document before making comment.

Open Forum:
E O’Hare said that she had visited the new Southern General Hospital and the building is magnificent in spite of the fact that she had noted some health safety snags in the new laboratories.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 5th May at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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