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Minute of the Community Council held on Tuesday 5th April 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.
Present: P Allan, S Clark, N Don, J Farquhar, N Ferguson, T Fulton, S Lafferty, S Liddell,
H Martin, M McClements, C McCulloch, E O’Hare, Councillor Maclaren

Apologies: Gordon Lethorn.

Visitors: G Anderson, J O’Brien, LEAP, B MacDougall, PC Gary McBride, PC Jill Dieghan

Minute of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

H Bars at The Old School should read painted on road outside Old School and already completed.

Planning, should read N Ferguson spoke to D.M. Land Consultants at Bull’s Garage.
Subject to these changes the minute was proposed by N. Ferguson and seconded by S. Lafferty.
Chairman, congratulated G. Lethorn on being awarded the Provost’s Award for Services to the Community.

Presentation: LEAP
Jennifer O’Brien Deputy Manager of LEAP gave a presentation on the work of the LEAP Project. A copy of the presentation paper was circulated and this was self explanatory. They were trying to become more sustainable themselves by using the skills of volunteers to complete projects. The meeting was then opened to questions.
Cllr. MacLaren asked if making a cycle track around Moss Road Park and the adoption of Local Roads were within their remit, she will make an enquiry.
A member asked about renewable energy and measuring targets. The answer was that there was potential for making more use of Hydro schemes.
When making structural improvements to buildings when there were both tenants and private owners it required consultation with Renfrewshire Council. They have a preferred supplier list which makes upgrading a longer process and possibly more expensive. Their main funding of £10,000 for the houses in Private roads had come from the Government Climate Challenge Fund.

Police Report:
There was no written report but this would be sent to the Secretary.
Two white vans parking on double yellow lines opposite Amaretto, and cars on pavements were reported. In each of these cases it was advised that the person should phone 101 to report these instances.
Concerns were also raised about the new signs at St Mary’s Church where the speed limit needs to be extended.

Councillors Report and Feedback, circulated.

Secretary’s Report:
The Secretary had no report as all was contained within the minute.

Treasurer’s Report: Circulated.

Planning Report:
Whitelint Gate; there has been clearing of trees and vegetation, and signs of activity at Bull’s garage but no planning application for either has been received.
It was emphasised again that no Renfrewshire Councillor could pass an opinion on planning applications as this would prevent them from voting when the application went before the full Council.
Although there has been no formal concerns raised from local residents, the Secretary will write to the Council stating that pathways around Moss Park should not be obstructed.
Fund Raising:
LAC grant application has been lodged.
Suggested Projects for the village;
The Community Council has been looking into outdoor exercise equipment. This would have to be placed centrally. The approximate cost £10,000 to £12,000. We could apply to Awards for All for funding for the equipment.
A feasibility study was taken into the possibility of a farmers market. Grants would be required to set it up if this was organised by the Community Council. Renfrewshire Farmers Markets could set it up but the Community Council would receive no income from it. This requires further investigation.
Investigation has been carried out on the Lade Walk Heritage Trail - Approximate figure £150,000, this will be a longer term project.
The next meeting of LAC in May we should know if we have been successful in the grant application.
Roads, Transport and Ground Maintenance:
Cllr MacLaren will make enquiries about Houston Road Park, as this has to be usable by Festival Week / Gala Day.
The Secretary will write a letter to Council about Kilgraston Road, Glendenton Road to St Andrews Drive.
A member raised the question about buses being on time. The No19 bus can be unreliable but otherwise bus timetables can be uplifted from The Pirie.
There had been no further progress on a meeting with McGills Buses.

Christmas Light Switch On:
Monday 5th December and Monday 28th November were the two provisional dates given.

Conferences and Consultations:
The Treasurer had attended the Fund Raising Training night which was felt to be very useful.
The Secretary attended the Community Planning Partnership day for Paisley UK City of Culture 202, and they would like to get the whole of Renfrewshire involved in the bid.
Communications: The website is not up to date. This is in the process of being looked into with a new webmaster.
Forum/Lac: There are no meetings until May.

Date and Time of Next Meeting:
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 3rd May 2016 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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