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Bridge of Weir Community Council

Minute of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: S Clark, J Farquhar, T Fulton, S Lafferty, G Lethorn, S Liddell, H Martin, M Mills, E O’Hare.

Apologies: P Allan, D McKenzie.

Visitors: Cllr. M Brown, Cllr. J MacLaren, B MacDougall.

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:
There were no matters arising, the minute was approved by J Farquhar, and seconded by M Mills.

Police Report:
There was no Police Report.

Conduct of Business:
The Chairman had sought views from all the members on changes to the conduct at meetings.  Mention had been made at a previous meeting whether tea or coffee should be on offer. the feedback on was that this unnecessary. He also said that when visitors were in attendance we should be more welcoming and introduce ourselves. Another suggestion was that he would make time on the agenda for visitors, giving  them the opportunity to address the meeting.

Councillor’s Report:  Cllr. M Brown.
Keys are to made available for Houston Road Park gate.
Dog walkers at Loch Place are not using bags to pick up their dog excrement. There also seems to be a professional dog walker using this area on a daily basis.
There has been fly tipping at the Pow Burn at the bottom of Mill Brae.
The flooding on Houston Road is being repaired and an additional gully added.
The rubbish at the recycling bins at Livery Walk car park has now been cleared, and arrangements are being made to replace or refurbish the bins at the area.
Kilgraston Road and Montrose Terrace are to have carriageway improvements.
Resurfacing work will take place on Kilmacolm Road from beyond Strathgryffe Crescent to Scart Farm.  It was felt that the road from Houston Road corner to Strathgryffe Crescent should also have been done as it was also in a state of repair.

Secretary’s Report:
A letter was sent to SPT regarding McGill’s buses.
We sent a letter to Derek Mackay MSP on the cost of conferences which were relevant to Community Councils. We have had a reply. Mr Mackay said that he would be willing to attend a meeting with us to hear his keynote speech from the conference.
Received a letter from Renfrewshire Council regarding a planning application for 2 dwelling houses at Gryffe Castle. This is in the planning report.
Still no reply to our letter in February to A Summers, Street Scene Manager, this is par for the course for him, have resent it through Dorothy Kerr.
The Chairman and Secretary are booked onto Renfrewshire 2023 Conference at Cornerstone, Bishopton tomorrow.
The Forum Executive are to meet on Monday 7 th.
An email from Unite on the cutbacks at Renfrewshire Council and how this will affect street cleaning.

Treasurer’s Report: See Attached Sheet.
The Public Liability Insurance is due for  renewal, the cost is the same as last year. It was agreed that this should be paid.
The Data Protection has been paid.

Planning Report:
Persimmon Homes have applied to hold a public exhibition with plans for a future development at Shillingworth. This is not a planning application but part of the consultation process.  The Reporter is still considering the Local Plan which could come out in May or June and until then no planning permission can be sought.
There is no objection to the planning application by Westminster Homes to build 3 detached dwellings at Maxwell Place.
The planning application to build 2 houses in the grounds of Gryffe Castle on the greenbelt have been refused, the applicant has now appealed this and the community council has been given the opportunity to add anything further to our objection, it was considered that there was nothing further to add.  The same applicant has now applied for planning permission to remove 33 trees at the same location, the community council have objected to this as they are in the greenbelt and covered by TPO’s.

Projects Report:
Ladeside-this has been put on hold until 2015 due to the lack of funding.

Transport Report:
The Secretary referred to a letter sent to SPT about McGill’s buses and the suggested rerouting of the X7A service.

Ground Maintenance:
It was reported that there was flooding on the path at the weir along from the old tannery.
The Right of Way at Glengowan,  K Cuthbert, Access Officer,  could find no evidence of it being registered, at the moment it is blocked off for health and safety due to the disused industrial site. An eye will be kept on it to see that it does remain a right of way.
Teenagers have been seen on the cycle path with motor bikes and at Loch Place over the river on the footpath.  The community council will write to the Police and the Community Wardens.
There are signs on lampposts about the dog fouling from dog walkers. It was also decided to write to Sustrans suggesting they put  litter bins on the cycle path.

Xmas Lights:
An onsite meeting with the community council, A Johnstone from Brighter Bridge of Weir, a Representative from the lighting display company and D Kennedy from Renfrewshire Council, Street Lighting has been arranged.  We have been given a few extra days to get our grant application in.

Review of the Scheme of Community Councils:
A meeting of the sub group will be arranged to look at the scheme. The community council would like the Forum to look at the administrative grant and the co-option of prospective members.

A member said information they had given to the previous meeting had been left out of the minute, it was stated that nothing is intentionally kept out of the minute.

Date and Time of next meeting:
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 6th May at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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